Hi, from Wirral, UK

Find other Karoo users in your area to meet up and ride with, or just to chat about Karoo with.
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Hi, from Wirral, UK

Post by DavidCarter »

Hi everyone,
I'm not yet a Karoo user but am seriously considering buying one to replace my Garmin Edge 1000. I've been searching for as much independent information from actual users to help with my purchase decision and found the videos posted by dthempel, which have been interesting and informative.
I'm sure I'll find this forum equally useful.

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Re: Hi, from Wirral, UK

Post by RossA »

Welcome David. I’m originally from Bebington in the Wirral. If you have any questions just ask!

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Re: Hi, from Wirral, UK

Post by Steve »

Welcome aboard, David. As Ross said, please do ask away here - it's what this forum is here for!

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