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Garmin Connect

Post by Brian »

So my Karoo Dashboard lists Garmin Connect as an “intergrated service”. I put in my password and everything. But I am mystified as to how to upload an avtivity. The Strava upload function is spot on. Suggestions?
Erwin M
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Re: Garmin Connect

Post by Erwin M »

Hi Brian,

Take a look at the Useful Karoo FAQs here in the help section (sticky).

How do I sync my rides to Garmin Connect?
At the moment, you can’t do this automatically. The setup in the Dashboard for Garmin Connect is so that you can import routes from Garmin Connect, not for syncing activities. But you can download the fit file for your ride from the Dashboard and then manually import that into Garmin Connect.
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Re: Garmin Connect

Post by dthempel »

This discussion happened on the HH forums as well. My short -- and maybe snippy? -- answer is "Why would Garmin want to provide back-end web-hosting of FIT files for another manufacturer?" Sure... you can do it manually, but I can't imagine Garmin wants the ability to allow Karoo, or Bryton, or Wahoo users to just use them as a hosting site and data aggregator. What's in it for Garmin.

Strava and TrainingPeaks are different. They have "premium" service they're trying to sell you.

(P.S. The answer above seems to be the intention. Route import and/or sharing from your Garmin account. Doubt you'll see more than that from Garmin.)
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Re: Garmin Connect

Post by tempo36 »

There's something in it for Garmin if they realize they have more things to sell than computers. That might be the lion's share of their market (I have no clue, but I'm going to guess) but they sell pedals, speed sensors, cadence sensors, lights, radar, HUDs, etc. A lot of my ecosystem is Garmin, and I liked having data aggravated on both Garmin and Strava. Now I can manually upload to Garmin, but it doesn't process the data the way it does if it's uploaded from a Garmin device, even if it's collected on Vectors and a Garmin Speed sensor (e.g. no FTP estimate, no VO2 Max calculation, etc)

That makes me LESS inclined to use Garmin's ecosystem if it means that the only way to get all the benefits is to go 100% in. Of course that's their prerogative, they can set whatever entry limitations they want.
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Re: Garmin Connect

Post by Ttcobalt »

Your are totally right. Companies for years have tried to protect proprietary stacks and most fail and go out of business
I am an avid user of Garmin products and would continue to be as long as they do not make my life difficult
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