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Re: what apps did you sideload on the Karoo

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 3:28 pm
by Clyde
Possible workaround found.

Faults occur using the Karoo 2 running the GoPro Quik app with camera Preview enabled.

In contrast, Preview causes no lockups or crashes from the iPhone GoPro Quik app.

Workarounds are to:

(1) shoot with Preview disabled. Not ideal, as the point of Preview is to let me correct the shot while filming.

(2) press the start video button on the Karoo app and immediately press the Disable Preview. Again, not ideal, for the same reason.

(3) Disable Preview. Then, when ready to start shooting, press the shoot button and, very quickly (before it vanishes), press the Enable Preview button. This time, The Karoo 2 monitors while shooting: just what I want. Strange workaround, but lets me avoid mounting a vulnerable iPhone on my MTB handlebars.

Does anyone experience similar problems, or benefit from this 3rd workaround?