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Old Software Version - 1.342.1374

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2022 10:04 am
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.342.1374
Release Date 17 November 2022

New Settings Configurable Per Profile

We’ve added the ability to set defaults for certain settings, configurable per profile.

- This includes Auto Pause settings, Audio Alert settings, Battery Save Mode, and Rain Lock settings.
- If you frequently switch between different styles of riding, and require different default settings for each, you can now create new or modify existing profiles for each of those riding styles. Customize your settings, so switching between them gets easier than ever.
- For instance, you may want to set Rain Lock on by default for sweaty trainer rides, or have Auto Pause turned off for a mountain biking profile but turned on for road biking.
- If you’re thinking “I never switch between different riding styles,” don’t worry! You can still update to this software version, and Karoo will save your current device-wide settings to each of your profiles, and your in-ride experience will be no different than it is today.
- You can toggle any of these settings on or off in-ride from the Control Center.
- See our Knowledge Base here for more information on the new profile-based Initial Ride Settings.

Improved Route Joining

- We’ve improved the way Karoo tries to join a route. Now, when you add a route, Karoo will navigate you to the closest point along the route.
- If the closest point of the route is not its start point, but that’s where you want to be navigated to, you can still do this! Pan the map to the start of the route, press and hold on the start point of the route, and drop a pin there. Then choose “Nav To.” Karoo will navigate you to the start of the route this way.

Bug Fixes:

- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve made important improvements to reliably display your phone notifications on Karoo 2.
- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve fixed a bug that prevented Karoo 2 from showing a phone pairing code when your phone asks you for one to complete the pairing process.
- We’ve fixed an issue that caused Karoo to auto-pause during indoor rides, even if auto-pause was turned off in settings.
- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented your route from appearing on the Live Tracking view of your ride.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause your Route Collections to appear duplicated on Karoo.
- We’ve fixed an issue on Karoo 1 that could cause it to crash when updating from old software versions.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Karoo from routing on certain roads that it should have been able to use. This only applied to rerouting and routing to pins.
- We’ve fixed a navigation issue that would cause Karoo to navigate you unnecessarily into a cul-de-sac or similar dead-end on the way to rejoining your route or getting to a POI.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to get stuck at "Preparing Route" when trying to follow a route in reverse.
- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the new “Switch to Map when approaching a turn” feature from working well with a north-up map orientation.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent you from restoring a ride in progress multiple times, when you turned your Karoo off without pausing the ride.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to route to the start of a route instead of the closest point on the route.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to reroute you much further along your route than you would’ve expected, cutting off more of the route than necessary.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Karoo from restoring to default data if you logged out of your account.

Dashboard Software:

- Introducing the ability to switch an existing segment of your routes from Following Paths to Ignoring Paths, or vice versa. This gives you more control over your route-building, and makes it easier than ever to create and follow the perfect route.

Old Software Version - 1.346.1384

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2022 10:22 am
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.346.1384
Release Date 1 December 2022

Introducing Riding Surface Preferences, Configurable per Profile.

Now, Karoo can prefer Pavement, Gravel, or Trail when you reroute or route to a pin including Home and Start location.

- We’ve also made the surface type preference for each route visible in both the routes list and the route detail.
- This is the surface preference with which the route was built or edited on Dashboard, and determines how Karoo will reroute when following that route.
- The route surface preference overrides your profile surface preference when it needs to (Karoo will ask you to Confirm whenever this happens).

New Combined Pin and Turn Cues

With this release, Karoo will now combine Pin cues and Turn cues if they are close together, with a preference for showing you the turn.

- You can tap the icon on the right of the cue to toggle between showing Turn info and showing Cue info. This should allow you to have Pins at turns without missing the cue for one or the other.

Simplified Combined Speed and Cadence Sensors

We’ve simplified our implementation of combined speed and cadence sensors for riders who want to use GPS for speed and distance data. Go to that sensor’s details and choose whether you want it to be a speed/distance data source.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause the Reverse Route on Karoo to get stuck in a loading state with the yellow route line, but no chevrons or turn cues.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused your route line to disappear if you canceled a route to a pin. (It came back if you missed a turn, but that’s beside the point.)
- We’ve fixed a bug that allowed an inactive SIM card to cause issues recording your ride.
- We’ve fixed some bugs to improve rerouting when you don’t follow the Karoo’s initial reroute.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause your bike preference for each profile to be reset.
- We’ve fixed a bug that allowed you to see red chevrons on top of a yellow route line in rare cases.

Dashboard Software

- Introducing the ability to review Lap data on Dashboard: see how you performed on each lap of your ride by selecting a lap under the elevation graph of the Ride details.
- On desktop and tablet, you’ll also see the lap highlight the section of the road on map.
- You can also click and drag on the elevation graph to view and focus on a particular section of the ride detail.

Old Software Version - 1.349.1396

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2022 10:51 am
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.349.1396
Release Date 15 December 2022

Updated Maps and Navigation Data

We’ve updated our maps and navigation data, which also brings along a few other improvements (e.g. Guam and Svalbard were missing before). Update your maps on Karoo from the Offline Maps section of Settings. Note: Karoo must be connected to the internet for it to re-download all your offline map regions.

Bug Fixes:

- [KAROO 2 ONLY] If you use Karoo 2 without a phone paired, we’ve made some improvements that will improve your Karoo’s battery life.
- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Incoming Call notifications from dismissing automatically in certain situations.
- We’ve fixed a rare issue when following a route that could cause Karoo’s navigation to crash with a message that “Navigation had stopped.”
- We’ve fixed an issue that allowed Auto-Lap by Distance to be set to 0, causing Karoo to mark laps constantly.
- We’ve fixed two different issues that allowed Karoo to set certain Settings back to factory defaults when signing into your Hammerhead Account.
- We’ve made an improvement to rerouting when following routes in reverse.
- We’ve made another improvement to how Karoo decides to join a route, reducing the likelihood that your path loops over the original route.
- We’ve changed the route line to yellow on Dashboard and in route thumbnails, to better match the in-ride experience.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented sharing routes while not logged into your Hammerhead account.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented opening certain rides on Dashboard.

Old Software Version - 1.352.1409

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2023 2:31 pm
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.352.1409
Release Date 12 January 2023

Feature Introductions:

- We’ve added three new graphical data fields for those of you who ride with a route: Distance Remaining, Ascent Remaining, and a combined field with both of those in one.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed a bug with CLIMBER’s "Elevation to top" data-field where you’d see “ascent” remaining increase if you were on a climb with a dip in the middle.
- We fixed a bug that caused Karoo to show navigation cues from the beginning of a route after you reached the destination if you had been following the route in reverse.
- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented you from opening Sensor Details by tapping on a sensor’s low battery notification.

Dashboard Software

Fixed a bug on Dashboard that prevented it from showing your Karoo’s serial number during QR Code Sign-In.

Old Software Version - 1.355.1428

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2023 9:49 am
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.355.1428
Release Date 26 January 2023

Introducing Surface Type Information into the Karoo Ecosystem

Now you can see the proportion of paved vs unpaved surfaces you should expect on your routes.

- On Karoo this can be viewed on Route Details, and on the Route editor of the Dashboard.
- For now, this applies only to routes built or edited on our Dashboard.
- If you’re navigating, Karoo can also alert you of an upcoming change between paved and unpaved surfaces. You can see every anticipated surface change in the Cue Sheet.
- This applies to all routes, including those imported by file, synced from a connected account, and generated on Karoo (e.g. route to pin).
- Note: This feature is off by default! Go to any Outdoor profile’s Turn-by-Turn settings to enable this feature.

Improved Smart Trainer Connectivity

Some smart trainers broadcast as both a Smart Trainer (which can be controlled) and a simple Power/Speed/Cadence source (which cannot be controlled). The data they broadcast is the same otherwise. With this release, Karoo will now recognize if a smart trainer is broadcasting as both and merge them, so that you always connect to the smart trainer. This prevents pairing to the simple Power broadcast when you intended to pair to the controllable Smart Trainer broadcast.

Removed Rider Profile Settings

We’ve removed the Rider Profile section of Karoo settings, which asked for personal information such as DOB, Height and Sex. We’ve kept Rider Weight, which is needed to calculate Power-to-Weight Ratio if you want to use that data field. You can enter or edit your weight under the Training Values section of Settings.

Bug Fixes:

- We fixed an issue with the new "Distance remaining" and "Ascent remaining" Graphical Data fields where they could show outrageous values if your Karoo hasn’t acquired a strong GPS signal yet.
We’ve fixed a bug with “Switch To Map” where Karoo sometimes failed to switch back to your data page after the turn, even if you didn’t interrupt it.
- We’ve fixed the issue where saving a shortcut to Dashboard on your mobile phone Home Screen showed up as an all-black icon on both iOS and Android.
- We’ve fixed a bug that allowed deleted auto-lap pins to continue marking laps for the rest of the ride.

Dashboard Software:

- We’ve fixed an issue with Route Builder that sometimes prevented placing new waypoints on certain parts of routes.
- QR Sign-In was broken if you were signed out of your account on Dashboard. We’ve fixed that.
- Certain Karoos (those on ROM versions prior to 1.229.1085) were unable to check for new updates. We’ve fixed that.
- We’ve fixed an issue that would prevent your ride from uploading to Dashboard if you took laps in too quick of succession (less than a second apart).
- We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing third-party uploads for certain user

Old Software Version - 1.357.1435

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2023 2:05 pm
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.357.1435
Release Date 9 February 2023

Improved Climb Detection Algorithm

We’ve improved the climb detection algorithm on Karoo. Now, if you deviate from the path after completing at least 250 meters of a detected climb, that climb will be added to your Completed Climbs list. (Previously, this only happened if you were within 100 meters to the end of the climb.) We’ve also improved Karoo’s detection of the beginning and end of climbs.

Bug Fixes

- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause incorrect reroutes if they happened on any “out-and-back” sections of your route (e.g. where you go out a road in one direction early in the ride, and then come back along the same road in the opposite direction later in the ride).
- We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent Karoo from saving certain rides.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause some apps on Karoo to crash unexpectedly.


- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to edit routes on Dashboard.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented you from opening custom Collections of routes on Dashboard.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could intermittently cause your Favorite and Archive route Collections to switch places on Dashboard.
- We’ve fixed an issue that prevented Dashboard from redirecting to the “Log In” page whenever you logged out of an account.

Old Software Version - 1.360.1448

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2023 10:05 am
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.360.1448
Release Date 23 February 2023

Introducing ANT+ LEV E-Bike Support

Now you can connect Karoo to your ANT+ LEV E-Bikes to see remaining range, assist mode, motor power, and more. Karoo will alert you when you change assist modes in-ride, so you can easily see what mode your bike is now in. Add E-Bike data fields like “Range Remaining vs. Distance Remaining On Route '' to your Profiles, and take the guesswork out of finishing every ride with battery left to spare. After your rides, go to Dashboard to see how your E-Bike’s battery and drain rate were affected by factors like assist mode or climbing throughout your ride. Note: not all E-Bikes are compatible. See our Knowledge Base here for our most up-to-date guidance on E-Bike compatibility and supported numeric and graphical data-fields.

Added Smart Lights Toggle

We’ve added a toggle in the sensor details of Smart Lights to let you choose whether Karoo turns your light on and off automatically after each ride.

Improved Barometer Calibration

We’ve improved the process by which Karoo calibrates its barometer to derive current elevation. Previously, this process was initiated after starting your rides, causing large jumps in elevation right at the beginning of rides. This new calibration process runs before you begin your rides, so the elevation is more accurate from the start. Additionally, the new process will help minimize elevation jumps during rest stops, where before any long break could cause a similar jump in elevation.

Added TrainingPeaks Mountain Bike Workouts

Karoo now allows you to import Mountain Bike Workouts from TrainingPeaks

New Support for ANT+ Core Body Temperature Sensors

Introducing support for ANT+ Core Body Temperature Sensors. Now you can connect your Core Body Temperature Sensor to Karoo. Add Body temperature data fields to your Profiles to track core and skin temperature in-ride. Karoo will record this data to the FIT file for post-ride analysis in 3rd party tools. Learn more.

Added Speed Sensor Toggle

We’ve added a toggle in the sensor details of certain Power Meters and certain eBikes (those that broadcast speed) to let you choose whether Karoo uses this sensor as a speed source instead of GPS.

Updated Internet Connection Check

We’ve updated the way Karoo checks its internet connection. As part of this, we’ve removed the call to Google DNS, so it should work better now for those users who have internet firewalls configured (e.g. to block outbound DNS calls). If this never affected you, don't worry about this change.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve made stability improvements related to following long routes in reverse.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused Karoo to briefly show itself as auto-paused at the beginning of each ride.
- We’ve made a stability improvement related to changing profiles in-ride.


- Introducing Completed Climbs in Dashboard Ride Review. If you use Climber in-ride, you’ll now be able to see, select, and review each ride’s Climbs on Dashboard.
- We’ve changed the "Sync Ride" modal to remain open until you close it so you can upload a ride to multiple Connected Accounts more easily.

Old Software Version - 1.367.1462

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2023 2:51 pm
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.367.1462
Release Date 9 March 2023

New Power and Lap Data Fields

We’ve added the following new data fields under Power and Lap:

- Torque (in N•m)
- Average Torque
- Max. Torque
- 3s Avg. Torque
- Lap Torque
- Lap Max. Torque

Improved Route List

We’ve clarified and improved the way routes that require a Map region to be downloaded appear in the Route List on Karoo.

Bug Fixes:

- We fixed an issue that could cause navigation to crash on your rides.
- We fixed a bug (introduced in the last release) that was causing Karoo to include distance ridden while paused in your overall ride distance in ride summary. This did not affect the recorded distance in the FIT file, so uploads to Strava and other 3rd parties were unaffected.
- We’ve fixed a bug on Karoo where CLIMBER could erroneously record overlapping climbs anytime a climb included roundabouts or similar. This did not affect the in-ride experience but was visible on Dashboard Ride Review.


- We’ve added the ability to compare two laps (or two climbs) side by side on Dashboard Ride Review. If you select a Lap (or climb) and then select another, it will open a side by side view to compare your performance easily.
- Note: this feature is only available on Desktop and Tablet browsers.
- Only two laps or climbs can be compared at one time.
- We’ve added the ability to select a Lap on Dashboard Ride Review by clicking on the Lap Marker that indicates where the Lap began.
- We’ve improved the Route Management modal on Dashboard, allowing you to add or remove routes from multiple Collections from within a single view.
- We fixed a bug that required us to refresh the browser if there was an error during the logging in or creating an account.
- We fixed a bug that would erase your ride’s description if you uploaded it to a connected account.

Old Software Version - 1.374.1480

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2023 12:21 pm
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.374.1480
Release Date 6 April 2023

Added GPS Reception Indicator

Karoo now indicates the strength of your GPS Reception in the Device Controls page of the Control Center.

New E-Bike Graphic Data Field

We’ve added a new graphic data field for E-Bike riders, to let you see your E-Bike’s Battery Burn Rate versus the historic elevation graph of your ride.

Bug Fixes:

- We fixed a bug on Karoo that broke the “Download Maps” button (mentioned above in Features) if you have routes in your route list but no map regions downloaded at all.
- If you ever power down your Karoo mid-ride and turn it back on, we’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to include the time that it stayed in powered off state. Now, Karoo will correctly show you the ride time of the ride in progress.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent your Workouts list from loading on Karoo if you had more than 100 workouts.
- We’ve fixed the issue causing one of two battery icons to go missing from the Gearing graphical data field for riders on SRAM AXS 2X groupsets.
- We’ve fixed an issue preventing Karoo from displaying tire pressure from TyreWiz’s that aren’t on the latest firmware.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause CLIMBER to appear “stuck” in full-screen view if you happened to have a simultaneous Strava Live Segment that finished before the climb finished.
- We’ve fixed an issue where following a route in reverse would still show your Upcoming Elevation graph in the “forward” direction of the route.


- We’ve updated the design of Ride, Route, and Workout cards on Dashboard to be more similar to each other.
- We’ve fixed an issue that allowed Karoo to show overlapping Completed Climbs on Dashboard Ride Review.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could leave you unable to edit your Hammerhead account if you happened to lose internet connection while trying to change your email address.
- We’ve fixed an issue where sorting your Rides on Dashboard according to Ride Duration would include the time spent paused or powered down before resuming the ride.

Android Companion App:

We’ve updated the pairing instructions in the Companion App to better match the current Phone Pairing experience on Karoo.

Old Software Version - 1.380.1494

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2023 1:03 pm
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.380.1494
Release Date 20 April 2023

Improved Route Following

We’ve made an update to when you are following a route on Karoo. Now, if you enter a Follow Map section (e.g. where you used Ignore Paths on Dashboard, or a straight line mode in another route builder, etc.), Karoo will no longer try to reroute you while you are on the Follow Map section until you get back on the navigable route.

- Note: These sections are basically a result of your route going somewhere that Karoo doesn’t know it can route through, so there’s no point trying to reroute you in these sections. There’s a higher-than-normal likelihood that you’ll stray from the route line, and it’s almost guaranteed that we won’t be able to find navigable roads to put you on. The end result here should be clearer communication from Karoo, and less confusion when trying to follow your routes exactly as you built them.

Added Ferry Route Support

Karoo (and Dashboard!) now support ferry routes in route building, route-to-pin, and rerouting. These will be used only if there are no other easy ways to get where you’re trying to go by bike.

Updated Sorting Mechanism Design

We’ve updated the design of the sorting mechanism in the Rides and Routes Lists on Karoo, and the options menu in the Settings page for Strava Live Segments.

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed the bug that prevented Manual Calibration of Elevation to work when a ride was in progress.
- We fixed an issue where Karoo could record a duplicate (overlapping) climb if you paused at the end of a climb and were riding without a route. This was visible post-ride on Dashboard Ride Review.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could cause an important subservice on Karoo to crash if you opened the Workouts app without being signed into a Hammerhead account.


- We’ve improved the “Prefer Trails” routing algorithm on Dashboard. Now, trail names and trail networks will be used in the calculation of routes. This should lead to more predictable and higher quality off-road routing.

Android Companion App:

- We’ve updated the Android Companion App to be in Spanish if your phone’s language is set to Spanish.
- We fixed an issue that caused the Android Companion App to crash if you tried to open it without enabling the required permissions (“Nearby Devices” access) in Settings.

Old Software Version - 1.384.1499

Posted: Tue May 09, 2023 10:05 am
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.383.1499
Release Date 4 May 2023

Introducing Spanish Language Support

Introducing Spanish on Karoo and Dashboard! You can now change your system language under Settings in Hammerhead products to use them in Spanish. See here for more information.

Updated Workout Support

You can now import and use workouts that include intervals without target values (e.g. open intervals or rest intervals).

Bug Fixes:

- We’ve fixed an issue where the Karoo could sometimes show certain bodies of water improperly.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused Route Search on Karoo to return a blank list if you tried searching while scrolling down to the middle of your Route List.
- We’ve fixed the bug where sorting Rides and Routes alphabetically on Karoo was case-sensitive. For example, it treated “B” as alphabetically higher than “a.”
- We’ve fixed an issue that made it possible to have multiple different Home POIs saved and difficult to delete.
- We’ve fixed a bug where Karoo could show your Ride had failed to upload to a connected account (e.g. SRAM AXS) when it had, in fact, uploaded properly.


- We’ve improved the way Dashboard allows you to edit imported routes. Now, you can add waypoints and Pins without changing the route at all, and any edits to a route will only happen between consecutive waypoints, making it easier to adjust your routes in our Dashboard.
- We’ve added a tooltip when you hover or tap on the FTP shown on Dashboard Ride Review, to clarify where that value is coming from.

Current Software Version - 1.386.1509

Posted: Fri May 19, 2023 12:40 pm
by Steve
Karoo Software Build Version: 1.386.1509
Release Date 18 May 2023

Added Lap-Triggered Interval Support

We’ve added support for lap-triggered intervals in structured workouts. You can now import and follow these workouts, and advance these intervals by marking a Lap on Karoo. See here for more information

Bug Fixes:

- We fixed an issue that could cause route imports from Komoot not to work.
- We’ve fixed a bug that allowed SRM power meters to recalibrate mid-ride incorrectly, resulting in power data that was either too high or too low.
- We’ve fixed an issue that allowed CLIMBER to detect the start of a climb without raising the drawer.


- We’ve improved the way Dashboard shows all the Connected Accounts a ride has been uploaded to. Now, the Connected Account icons shown in the Ride List and Ride review match the Connected Accounts with check marks next to them in the Sync-To modal, making it easier and clearer to make sure you’ve uploaded your ride where you want to.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Dashboard Ride Review to show “infinite max power” for Ebikes.
- We’ve fixed an issue that caused Dashboard Route Planning to aggressively avoid paths with gates across them.
- We’ve fixed the Spanish translations for Distancia, Ascenso, Tiempo de Recorrido, and Ayuda.