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Useful Karoo FAQs

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Initial Setup

How do I remove the screen protector?
It’s easier if the Karoo isn’t cold. The screen protector is stuck on quite securely, but you can try sticking a piece of tape to it and using that to pull it off. Otherwise a fingernail under one edge can get it moving. If you pull it off and there’s a sticky mess left behind on your screen, then you’ve only pulled off the top layer of the screen protector, and you still have another layer left to remove.

How do I insert a SIM card?
See Hammerhead’s video on this at

How do I install the lanyard?
See Hammerhead’s video on this at Note that the lanyard isn't long enough to go around most handlebars, but you may have more luck attaching it to the mount itself - see

I’ve got a SIM card that needs to be activated via text message/online - how can I do that?
You’ll need to activate the SIM card in a phone. Then once it’s working, you can swap it into your Karoo.

What carriers are supported by Karoo for the SIM card?
The frequency bands supported by Karoo are in the 3G range and are 850/900/1900/2100 MHz. So if you have a SIM card from a carrier that supports one or more of these bands, then it should in theory work fine. CDMA networks (not be confused with WCDMA) such as Verizon are not supported due to a lack of hardware support.

What sort of mount do I need for Karoo?
Karoo comes with a Barfly mount. It uses a standard quarter-turn mounting. Any Garmin-type long mount should work, i.e. one with enough space for a Garmin 1000 or 1030. Shorter Garmin mounts may not give enough clearance to your handlebars due to the length of Karoo.


What is the latest software version?
As of 30 July 2020, the latest version is 1.143.870.3

How do I check my software version?
Go into Settings -> About and check the Build number at the bottom of the list.

How do I update my software if I’m not on the latest version?
Karoo will check every day for a software update.. You can do a manual check via Settings -> About -> System Update. Also see

Where can I check the software changelog?
Go to

Navigation and Maps

How do I change the data fields on the map screen?
Go into the Data Fields section for the Map screen (via Pages), then swipe an existing data field to the left. That will remove it and let you add another field. You can only have two data fields on the map screen right now.

How can I zoom on the map during a ride?
You can use the two hardware buttons on the left that move between data screens, but instead do a long-press instead of just tapping the button. This will zoom the map. Altenatively you can zoom via the touchscreen in various ways: you can either use the two-finger pinch zoom as on mobile phones, or a one finger double-tap will zoom in, and a two finger double-tap will zoom out. Or you can do a one finger double-tap and hold, then drag down to zoom in and up to zoom out.

Do I need to download any maps if I have a SIM card and cellular connection?
No. The cellular connection will give you the map details. But you might still want to consider downloading maps so as to conserve your cellular data usage and in case of bad signal areas.

How can I delete a downloaded map?
In the list of downloaded maps, swipe the map's entry to the left, and it will be deleted.

How do I report map errors, e.g. missing streets?
Right now there isn't an official procedure from HH on this, and no obvious way to report an issue with the map in the Karoo Dashboard. On the Karoo itself, however, there is an option to report a map issue to Mapbox (who seem to be the provider of the on-device maps for Karoo). On the Karoo map screen, if you press on the "i" in a circle next to the Mapbox logo at top-left, a Feedback screen appears where you can report map issues. The maps in the Dashboard appear to be from OpenCycleMap. On their website, there seems to be an option to "Edit" the map at a particular point. HH have previously said that maps will be updated regularly.

How do I change the route or add a route in the middle of a ride?
You can't. You have to stop the ride and start a new one if you want to change or add a route.

General Usage

How do I get to the home screen when in a ride?
Press and hold the bottom-right button.

How do I switch between running apps?
Double-press the bottom-right button to get a view of all running apps. Then scroll up and down the list and then select the one you want to switch to. You can terminate an app from this list by swiping it to the left or right, or by pressing on the “X” in the top-right hand corner of the window.

How do I add/edit data fields on the data pages?
See the explanation at viewtopic.php?f=3&t=33

How do I delete the whole set of data pages at once?
Go into Pages -> Page Sets and swipe the name of the page set (that you want to delete) to the left. Note - don't touch and swipe from the far-right end though, where the parallel lines are - that control is for reordering the page set in the vertical list of page sets, so it won't let you delete it if you try to swipe from there. Touch and swipe from somewhere to the left of those two parallel lines.

How do I sync my rides to Garmin Connect?
At the moment, you can’t do this automatically. The setup in the Dashboard for Garmin Connect is so that you can import routes from Garmin Connect, not for syncing activities. But you can download the fit file for your ride from the Dashboard and then manually import that into Garmin Connect.

How do I select which bike I was riding when I upload my ride to Strava?
You can't, you have to edit this on Strava directly (via their website). This is a limitation in the Strava API, which doesn't allow a particular bike to be specified.

How do I connect to a public wi-fi network that needs me to register or answer prompts?
Allegedly this is supported from software version onwards.

How do I change the auto pause sensitivity?
Go into the the Pages and then your specific page set, and you will see an Auto-pause setting. If you press on the option itself (not the slider to the right), you will get a pop-up letting you select a Custom speed at which to do the Auto Pause.

How much data is used if I have a SIM card?
If you have the route downloaded offline, then the only real data usage will be if you choose to upload to Strava when you’re not in wifi range. The main usage of the SIM card will come in with future software features, e.g. Live Tracking.

What wifi technology does Karoo support?
2.4GHz b/g/n. There is no support for 5GHz networks.

Does Karoo support 4G cellular connections?
At this time, no, it does not. There is 4G capability built into the hardware, so perhaps at some point 4G data will be supported.

Why isn’t there a cover for the USB port on Karoo?
Hammerhead have decided not to include a cover due to the port being waterproof, like the rest of Karoo. If you’re concerned about it, third-party USB port plugs are available from eBay, Amazon etc.

What sort of charger do I need ?
Karoo seems to draw around 1.2A on charge, and up to a maximum of 1.75A. So any charger rated at 1.75A or higher will allow you to charge at the maximum rate. Using a charger rated higher than that value is perfectly safe, since Karoo (like any other device) will only draw the power that it needs. You can use a lower-capacity charger, or connect it to a computer’s USB port to charge, but it will charge more slowly that way.

How do I adjust the brightness when riding?
Swipe down from the top of the screen for some shortcuts, including a brightness slider.

Why doesn’t the Karoo touch screen work with my gloves?
Karoo uses the same type of screen as smartphone, i.e. a capacitive screen, so you’ll need touch screen-compatible gloves (or just get lucky!) for gloved operation. Otherwise you can use the hardware buttons.

How do I turn the GPS/Bluetooth/Wifi off?
Swipe down from the top of the screen for some shortcuts, including the Location button which will turn GPS off and on, and buttons for Bluetooth and Wifi.

How can I add multiple bike profiles?
Right now, you can’t.

What version of Android does Karoo run?
Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with Hammerhead customisations, and without Google Play Services.

How can I adjust the screen timeout (sleep)?
Go into Settings -> Display -> Sleep, where you can choose values ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

How do I see my exact battery charge level?
Look on the status bar at the top of the screen, to the left of the battery icon at top-right.

How do I see my Karoo’s serial number?
Go into Settings -> About -> Status, where you can see the Serial number.

How can I pair my FitBit/Apple Watch to Karoo via Bluetooth?
You can't. While devices like FitBit and Apple Watch do have heart rate monitors built in, these HRMs only work with custom apps and don't function as standalone Bluetooth HRMs. Some fitness watches might have a setting that lets the heart rate be broadcast and appear as a sensor to Karoo.

Can I use an external powerbank with Karoo, to power it for very long/multi-day rides?Yes you can, via the USB connection. Though bear in mind potential waterproofing issues with your powerbank and cable (the Karoo and its USB port are waterproof).

How do I pair Bluetooth headphones?
Via the Bluetooth entry in the Settings app. Be careful that using headphones while riding doesn't stop you from hearing traffic though.


What will I have to setup again if I do a Factory Reset?
Most of the setup on your Karoo is saved in your Hammerhead account, which will automatically be restored when you sign in again on Karoo after having performed the factory reset. For example, your data pages, heart rate and power zones, your activities and routes will be set up again. However, you will have to re-pair your sensors and setup your wheel circumference again. Also, you will lose offline map areas so will have to re-download those, and any routes made available offline will also have to download again (note that if you are downloading an offline map area at the same time, the route download will wait until the offline area download has finished.

How do I enter Recovery Mode and do a Factory Reset?
You can perform a factory reset through Settings -> Factory data reset. But for some reason if you can't get into that, then you can do it via the following procedure:
1. Power off Karoo
2. Power on Karoo while holding Button B (Second from top left) until the Boot Mode menu appears
3. Use button B to select Recovery from the list
4. Press button C (Third from top left)
5. When the “No command” message appears, Press Button A (Power button) and Hold, then press Button B and release both. The recovery menu should appear.
6. Use button C to scroll down and highlight Wipe data/factory reset
7. Use button D (Top right) to select
8. Use button C (Bottom left) to scroll down and highlight Yes -- delete all user data
9. Use button D (Top right) to select
10. When the device returns to the text menu, use button D (Top right) to select Reboot system now

How do I go into developer mode and what does it do?
It is activated the same way and does the same sort of things as any other Android device. However, if you’re asking this question and you’re unfamiliar with developer mode, then you should probably steer well clear of it.

How do I capture diagnostic information for a bug report to Hammerhead?
If you need to provide additional information (over and above a FIT file), then consider taking a bug report, which is explained in the procedure at ... from-Karoo