Ian from Aberdeen - hello

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Ian from Aberdeen - hello

Post by Ian »

Just checking in after finally getting some life out of my new Karoo with the help of Steve who gave me a work around for an inoperative stop switch (set it to auto-pause and press the Lap button bottom right to bring up the Save menu).

I'm Ian from Aberdeen, Scotland. Anyone older than me? I'm 72 and my cycling is mostly either functional (to get about the city) or for fitness (I play field hockey for Scotland Over 70). I don't do great distances but I bought a new bike this year with the intention of using it as a spur to do more miles. Let's hope the weather allows me to do that! All my cycling is solo.

Road cycling only up to now but I've shod my older bike with 28 mm tyres as it has a cyclocross frame and will do a bit of riding on rough tracks.
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Re: Ian from Aberdeen - hello

Post by Simon »

Hi Ian,

Welcome here. Yes, Steve is a good man, we're lucky he is around.
Wow, 72. I am only just 55. I hope I will still be riding when I'm your age.
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Re: Ian from Aberdeen - hello

Post by nordog »

Hello Ian & welcome, your a little younger that I am at 37 going on 47 next December. I ride an old Dawes for town shopping etc, my Claud for longer & faster road riding then my MTb bikes On-One fatty, my Rocky Mountain (now in retirement) my Cotic Soul and Cotic Rocket Max, just to get me around the country side.
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