Karoo2 quarter mount

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Karoo2 quarter mount

Post by delumerlino »

Good morning,
after my first ride with Garmin mount, Karoo broke the "wings" of the mount.
I have checked the mount is very narrow, maybe too much at it broke the mount.
Do someone have solved the problem? (please do not reply "use its mount" :lol: )
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Re: Karoo2 quarter mount

Post by bikebikebike »

Sorry to be so long in reply, but the "Garmin" mount was designed for watch size bike computers of a bygone age.
there is an old blogpost of HH testing that will make your tether curl.
It is just not up yo the task.
ALL mounts ceptin' mebbe the Quadlock are just under designed.
Just inelegantly assume it will fail and tether, tether, tether.
? Did I say tether?

Just be thankful it is cheaper than an iPhone, and more securely mounted.

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