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I think my GPS has Alzheimer's

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2022 3:24 am
by bikebikebike
I think my GPS has Alzheimer's, when I give it a route
It goes out wandering about, it must think that that's cute.
I want to take a shortcut, or hop a nearby curb
but it takes me off to odd spots and this leaves me quite perturbed
If I sneak up backwards on a road for just a scant few feet,
There seems to be no way, without a path that I can't delete
That goes to some way far off land, where it thinks magic lies
And scolds me with its messaging in tones that I despise.
Now other folks would let me trip into a walker's manner,
Make my cross country violation, and go back to the route planner.
But not this guy, who punishes my dreams of quicker, shorter flight
With Donneybrooks , some distance long just to add to my plight.
So if we could have a walking mode, or perhaps draw in a line
To allow these indiscretions, I would think it mighty fine.
Or else I'll have to medicate the thing, or leave it with a friend
When I need to have a route to ride and not chase around the bend.