Strava app or web app on Karoo device

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Strava app or web app on Karoo device

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Has anyone had any luck viewing Strava on their device? I don't have a smartphone, my Karoo has a bigger screen and is 'smarter' than my phone. I only look at Strava's website on my laptop.
It would be cool to be able to look at Strava on my Karoo, to see kudos, comments, segments etc. I know the app doesn't work because it needs Google Maps and Google Services etc, but is there any workaround? I have tried several web browser APKs and can't get any of them to open or display the Strava website in any usable way.
It would be amazing if Hammerhead could work with Strava to integrate it better into the device.
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Re: Strava app or web app on Karoo device

Post by savita »

Anyone found a workaround for viewing Strava on a non-smartphone device like the Karoo? Tried various web browsers without success; hoping for better integration with Hammerhead in the future.JTWhatsapp
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