Dead Karoo 2

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Dead Karoo 2

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Anyone had the following problem and been able to resolve without return?

Finished the last ride and uploaded, all normal, there was an option to download the latest update so did so. Again all seemed normal. Plugged it into the PC to charge a little later, didn't notice anything untoward, left the unit connected to the PC overnight. While I normally remove it from charging rather than leave it overnight it's not been a problem when I have left it previously.

Came back to it and the unit is unresponsive and won't charge.

Now plugging it into the PC delivers a Windows message saying there is a malfunction of the USB device.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Dead Karoo 2

Post by bikebikebike »

Try hard reset.
repeat several times, if needed, with a pause between attempts.
Sometimes they get their little doggy brain scrambled when powering up or resetting after an update.
Ride data and most of config usually safe in cloud.
Help at HH very very good, though never fast enough when you're frustrated.
Better than everyone else most all the time.

Also make sure screen hasn't just been turned off, and charged up with good cable.
Electronics sometimes just have to humiliate a monkey before going back to work.
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