Long term review?

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Long term review?

Post by jumbo2 »

I'm on 830 and now want to upgrade to 1040 for the responsive (finally) and big touch screen. It works fine in the rain it seems to be (from dcrainmaker YouTube).

But the cost is very high and now I'm also considering Karoo2. Can you guys review the Karoo2? What do you think it should be improved? Thx.
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Re: Long term review?

Post by bikebikebike »

Oh the Garmin's sure a Garmin , if you like their universe.
And the Karoo is an option that is easy on the purse.
It depends entirely on you knowing just exactly what you need
For neither group will be responsive , no matter how hard that you plead
For them to produce a feature, that's not there when you begin
Or eliminate annoyances that you discover deeper in.
So what needs thoughtful reviewing is just what you want from tools
Before you go to forking over lots of money to these fools.
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