Request: "Upcoming Elevation Graph" for "off-route" course

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Request: "Upcoming Elevation Graph" for "off-route" course

Post by tjdomsalla »


I really like the "Upcoming Elevation Graph".
But often I have to take detours due to road constructions or road closures when following a route. Or sometimes I do not even planned a route.
For the first case, when taking an alternate route, the Karoo device shows me a blue (confusing color besides creeks and small brooks …) line - I would like to have the "Upcoming Elevation Graph" also show the the graph of this alternative instead of an "Off Route" message. I guess, it should be possible to update both, the dynamic calculation of the upcoming course (blue line) and its profile.

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Re: Request: "Upcoming Elevation Graph" for "off-route" course

Post by dthempel »

Unlikely to happen. The Karoo would have to have no only map data, but also elevation data to pull this off. So full topographic maps. That and the processing power potentially needed to keep calculating that on the fly is probably a non-starter.

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