Circular HR Zones missing

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Circular HR Zones missing

Post by BuckSteed »

I just upgraded to the latest firmware and am pretty happy with the implementation of Strava segments. What I don't like is that I have lost the ability to have the circular HR zones on the larger profile fields. I love the circular HR zone implementation as it easily communicated my actual HR and the Zone. I really hated to see this change.

I contacted support and they were responsive and acknowledge that the circular HR zone is only available on the profile selections 1,2,3. So while I am pretty disappointed in this change I am pretty impressed to get a response from support so quickly.

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Re: Circular HR Zones missing

Post by dthempel »

Lots of options went missing. The ability to mix graphical with text fields on the same page and in any field is also gone.

I'm just realizing that I'm probably going to be disappointed with my "new" Karoo (replacement due to battery) as I'm guessing (remembering?) that the profiles aren't cloud-synced and were only on the unit that I just shipped back...

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