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Live Segments

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I just saw that they are adding Live Segments at ( ... ead-karoo/). Hammerhead also put out a video about it. ( ... =emb_title)
Seems pretty cool. I wonder how customizable it is though. Can you put power and gradient on the screen together with a Live Segment?
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Re: Live Segments

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If you'd like my take on this, you can watch this. It's timestamped to the "start" of my Live Segments clip. Watch from there or all at your own discretion:

TL:DR(W): It's good, but not at all customizable yet. It "overlays" the bottom 1/3rd of the screen you're on, so don't put any data fields you care about in the lower third of the screen while a segment is in process. It shows the elevation profile of the segment while in it. It shows -- variably -- your PR, your "carrot" time, your "wolf" time and/or the K/QoM depending on where you are on the attempt.

I'll try to check back here and answer questions.
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