MTB Use (XC/Down Country)

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tom itzhaki
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MTB Use (XC/Down Country)

Post by tom itzhaki »

Hi guys,
I'm considering to buy the Karoo, and I'd like to use your help:
I'm a CAT 1 racer in both road and MTB XC. My question is, is it rugged enough? will it withstand the technical terrain elements? How durable is it?

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Re: MTB Use (XC/Down Country)

Post by dthempel »

For road and with the new bracket foot, it seems reasonably solid and the reports of broken mounts seem to have dropped off. I don't mountain bike (much), but have used it a couple of times and it's nice to have trails show up in the mapping. I race 'cross in the fall and won't use it for that as I don't trust the bracket foot combined with my skill level. I don't "crash" frequently, but if you're pushing your skills in 'cross, you do lay down the bike on occasion and I don't trust the mount with that kind of shock.

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