Live tracking data requirements

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Live tracking data requirements

Post by Matthewg »

Can anyone comment on the amount of data that Live Tracking consumes? Either for Karoo or similar devices. I'm interested in using the new feature but want to know what SIM to buy.


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Re: Live tracking data requirements

Post by dbareis »

That would be a suck it and see, and any guestimate would let us say be for an hour of riding and you haven't said how much riding you do. I'd expect the data usage to be trivial.

I'm going to try to use an Android phone hotspot but for whatever reason, the Karoo won't connect to it (first of many devices to have an issue). Failing that if I really needed the functionality, there are millions of apps for my phone that will do that and even Google Maps now allows you to share your location.

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Re: Live tracking data requirements

Post by dthempel »

It's possible Stuart from Mokanix could comment on this and/or get the details. I'll try to send him an email and see if it's able to see that level of detail. I used mine for about 80 minutes (of ride time) yesterday and unfortunately, blew through 2/3rds of the battery in that time. Not sure if it was just a fluke, but that seems... excessive? :)

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Re: Live tracking data requirements

Post by OldBiker »

May help everyone not already in the know that Whatsapp Location provides fast and easy live tracking via your phone. Open a message to whoever you want - ATTACH - LOCATION - SHARE LIVE LOCATION - select time period 15 minutes, an hour, eight hours) - SEND!

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Re: Live tracking data requirements

Post by VanillaRinger »

I'm seeing usage of about 2mb per hour of riding.

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