ATG: What's new in release 1.105.716.3

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ATG: What's new in release 1.105.716.3

Post by dthempel »

Introductions and Enhancements:

Bluetooth audio alerts are now available when the screen is on and a bluetooth audio device is paired. Audio events include the following:
Vehicle approaching
Vehicle approaching fast
Vehicle passed
Battery low warning
Tone and voice cue at about 500 ft to turn
Announcement of destination reached
Further improvements to navigation rerouting, with additional considerations for intersections

Bug Fixes:

Improvements made to lap speed average field:
The average now resets properly on each lap
The field no longer falls back to “. . .” notation on pause during a lap

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Re: ATG: What's new in release 1.105.716.3

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apologies for the self-publicity

I try to write a piece on the more significant updates.. of course the info is in the release ntoes but i try to include a few screenshots too. ... ead-karoo/ ... re-update/

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