Help: Strava apps and other apps on Karoo

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Help: Strava apps and other apps on Karoo

Post by the5krunner »

Is there a list anywhere, please, of fully working android apps that work on the Karoo and support sensors and, maybe, maps too? I'm thinking of RWGPS, trailforks and similar.

I was thinking of STRAVA but the recent de-sensorisation of that has stopped me spending time there

The follow up was then to ask if there was anyone who lived vaguely lived near SW London who could install it for me if I brought it over (I have a habit of breaking tech...I have seen the install instructions on this board)

thank you!

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Re: Help: Strava apps and other apps on Karoo

Post by JohnJ80 »

To my knowledge, there is not a list anywhere of "sideloadable" apps for the Karoo. That said, the primary issues I've run into are the app requiring Google Play and if the screen size of the Karoo is not compatible with the app.

List of apps that I use while riding are:
  • Osmand - navigation and map, audio TbT.
  • Komoot - navigation and maps, audio TbT.
  • Switchr - app switcher that is a good way to integrate apps into the Karoo UI.
  • Podcast Addict - podcast player. I don't use this anymore since I can supply podcasts directly through my Apple Watch.
  • MyRadar - weather radar. You will need either a sim in the Karoo (ok at best but generally slow performance) or to connect to the internet through your phone as a hotspot (much higher performance). This is an awesome adjunct to the Karoo if you’re riding and trying to dodge weather/precip.
  • Firefox - browser to facilitate loading other apps as a bootstrap type of activity.
I have loaded the APKpure app store which is where I get firefox and switchr. I also loaded the Amazon app store which has a more complete selection and is easier to buy apps than with APKpure (IMHO).

A note on network access:
Any apps that need network access can get it either by using the onboard sim slot with a sim to your carrier of choice. This is a 3G connection and very slow for apps that depend on images such as the radar app. A better solution is to put your phone in hotspot mode and turn on wifi. You will need to use the pull down menu to turn on wifi AFTER you start a ride. The Karoo software turns WiFi off when you start a ride to save battery. That said, using wifi uses a lot less battery than using the cellular connection in the Karoo.

If you are not a tech comfortable person, I'd suggest not sideloading anything. If you are comfortable with tech, it's straightforward. If you are not comfortable with tech, you'll have problems both with cables and with some of the unix nomenclature. After a system reset (not an update) you’ll have to reload everything again.

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