Hello from Switzerland

Find other Karoo users in your area to meet up and ride with, or just to chat about Karoo with.
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Markus K
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Hello from Switzerland

Post by Markus K »

I started using my Karoo some weeks ago: It's great!
I like the idea to base on an open system.

Have fun and thanks for hints and tips!

Cheers, Markus
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Re: Hello from Switzerland

Post by dthempel »

Hopefully it will actually become "open" and they'll let other devs in. Right now, not so much...

Welcome, though!
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Re: Hello from Switzerland

Post by Ureope »

Hello! I am new here, nice to meet everyone. Never been to Switzerland, how is the weather there now? I live in Asia, will be moving to Singapore soon as I put my Phuket apartment for sale here. It is hot here, really nice weather to come over :lol:
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