Karoo Completely Dead After Reset

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Karoo Completely Dead After Reset

Post by tnostrant »

This is my first serious problem with my unit. I was on tour, and everything was going great. I had all my routes downloaded. I hadn't upgraded the software as the latest version happened the day before I was leaving. One day several of the data fields were blank, which had happened before, so that night I decided to update the software. Problem fixed. About two days later, while pedaling, the screen went black. I assumed that I had let the battery run dry. I have a power back in my handlebar bag that I plugged the Karoo to. The screen came back on with the ride data still intact, then went black again. I restarted it, and it froze on part of the welcome screen. Later I plugged it into a wall socket for over 24 hours and the battery charged to 51%. It would start and then shut off. I thought I should preform a factory reset from the settings app when it came on. The moment I did everything went black, and it will not respond in any way. All I get is blackness.

The Hammerhead people said that it is out of warranty so I'm just out of luck. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Re: Karoo Completely Dead After Reset

Post by Steve »

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. I'm clutching at straws here, but have you tried just leaving it charging for a long time, like a few days, to see if that can bring it to life? I wonder if there's something wrong with the screen? It doesn't sound like a happy Karoo, and HH telling you that it's out of warranty wouldn't have been what you wanted to hear.

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Re: Karoo Completely Dead After Reset

Post by Scummer »

Are you able to get into the recovery mode?
The instructions to get into recovery mode are here: https://support.hammerhead.io/hc/en-us/ ... eset-Karoo

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Re: Karoo Completely Dead After Reset

Post by JohnJ80 »

...and maybe try it while plugged in too (i.e. if batteries are toast).

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Re: Karoo Completely Dead After Reset

Post by nordog »

If no joy, ask Hammerhead in a nice friendly way if you could send it back to them for a test bed for problem-solving. you never know they might find the problem and help the rest of us to.

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