And hello from me.

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And hello from me.

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Hi all,
My name’s Phil, i’ve been road cycling for about 5 years now, mostly trying to lose weight and not die of a heart attack, I’ve lost a lot of weight but I like cake so it’s stopped coming off at the moment.
I ride about 250km a week, mainly on commutes at the moment, but as soon as the weather gets a little more like spring I will up the milage some what.
I come from the Wirral, for those that don’t know, that’s the bit of land in between North Wales and Liverpool.
I bought the Karoo cos I was sick of my Garmins, Forerunner, 810 & 820 failing mid ride or losing data during an update. I know the Karoo is struggling for some at the moment, but I feel the niggles will all get resolved and we will have a great piece of kit that some ofnus may actually be able to customise and write apps for.

Anyway, that’s a very short abridged version of me, I’m gonna go find a Victoria sponge.

If anyone is from close to me, give me a message and we can go for a ride, or come and find me on Strava.

best Regards

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Re: And hello from me.

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