Karoo2 fastboot/recovery mode

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If you don't entirely understand what you're doing, even following someone else's guide could end up with you bricking your Karoo, or leaving it in an unsupported state with no way to go back. By all means enter, read and learn, but undertake actions on your Karoo at your own risk!
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Undertake any procedures at your own risk and make sure you know how to reverse any changes. You could brick your Karoo or at the very least put it into an unsupported configuration.
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Karoo2 fastboot/recovery mode

Post by atoy40 »


does anyone have informations of how can we reboot - if possible - Karoo2 in fastboot mode ? and is there any custom recovery existing ?
I've try adb reboot bootloader, but it seems to reboot in normal mode
If I try adb reboot recover, the recover just say "no command".

In the developer options, it's indicated that the bootloader is already unlock.


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Re: Karoo2 fastboot/recovery mode

Post by Msengxxl »


I can confirm that it reboots normaly after the "reboot bootloader" command.
Doesn't seem to have fastboot implemented.

My bootloader status is also "unlocked", if i can trust the menu.

What's your goal?

I'am trying to install Gapps via TWRP.
I know there was a TWRP-Version for Karoo 1 but i can't get from somewhere (all links dead). And I am uncertain if it would work for Karoo2 also.

There was an XDA Project named TWRP Builder which was universal for all android devices (even the unsupported ones). I try to get it to run to have a TWRP Version for the Karoo2.
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