KTrackPlus Livetracking android application

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KTrackPlus Livetracking android application

Post by jarod46 »

Hello, I created another project for our Karoo, a livetracking application which can use another phone for livetracking purposes.
Built-in livetracking of karoo is very limited, so I decided to try to develop my own application (with my limited programming knowledge with android, I choose to use microsoft xamarin for more convenience for me)

App must me side-loaded like any other app on karoo.

There is two working mode, standalone and automatic :
-Standalone : use it when your karoo already have internet access
-Auto : if application is started on a karoo device, it will work as a bluetooth ble client, if device is not a karoo, app will work as bluetooth ble server

There is also two options to collect tracking informations :
-Karoo current activity : get gps locations in the fit file of current activity (it's also possible from the last activity for testing purposes)
-GPS : just collect locations directly from device gps

If you run the application on a non-Karoo device as standalone mode, it can work too, but only with the gps of course.

You can found source code on my github and download the apk on it : https://github.com/jarod46/KTrackPlus

Other functions :
-Send mail(s) with the tracking link
-Share tracking link with build-in android function
-Send a picture and show it on the tracking map
-Choose the update interval
-Choose the minimum distance between two locations (reduce the amount of data, but also the precision)
-Auto starting service on device boot
-Show a dialog overlay on new activity to start the livetracking (service must running)

Basic guide to how to run application as client/server mode
-Install application on your karoo and your android phone (search for many to how-to slideload, install apk on android)
-Enable bluetooth on your phone, start app and enable service (may take several times to authorize all permissions)
-Start app on karoo and tap on START button, (again, allow some permissions) it should found automatically your phone and connect to it (check logs)
-Sart a new activity (or use last activity with the option)
-Go to https://track.lazyjarod.com/yourtrackingid you can see your id in logs or options menu, or you can directly open it the menu of the phone app
-Explore menus for more options, it shouldn't be too hard to understand if you arrived to this point

I tried to optimize as much as I can to reduce battery impact and data usage but all help from more experienced android developer is welcome, and of course all other suggestions.
If someone is interested, I will add an option in the future to be able to host your own tracking web server, if you don't wan't to send your gps locations to an unknown server.

I hope it will be useful for some people, it's mainly a personal project, and it's not easy to explain it correctly in English for me.
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