New update, new problems

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New update, new problems

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Sensors all messed up in new update linking to Profiles.
? not connecting ?precedence issues?
Real PITA if you have to trouble shoot as the
screen menu buttons overlap the ABCDE buttons on touchscreen
so you get a coin flip on what you toggled.
Lots of circular dead ends to work around.

Don't plan on riding the day you update
It's all outlined in the guide.
Oh yeah, there isn't one

but you have to know where and how to look for that vestigial effort.

They even knackered up the release announcement ( again):
Karoo software release
Hammerhead <>
Thu, Aug 25 at 5:01 PM
We couldn't load this message. Retry

Found this from Ali:
"Using just the Cadence element from a Combined speed/Cadence sensor doesn’t work as Speed and Distance won’t be reported from the in-built GPS: We are working on a workable solution to address this use case and it will be released in one of our upcoming releases."
Possibly part of the problem.

My issue was fixed by unloading all the sensors, reloading, arranging precedence, and restarting twice.
Well, why not?
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