Not possible to save rides with Karoo 2

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Not possible to save rides with Karoo 2

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Recently I've had the problem that I can't stop and save finished tours. After "pressing the bottom right button" an II symbol should appear on the display, but it doesn't, no matter where I press, I can't stop the recording.
This was never a problem before, maybe an update that "messed up" something?
Chat with Hammerhead doesn't find a solution either "It should work".

I now try to switch off the device, then after restarting the question "continue or stop" comes up.

Software on the Karoo on latest available version.

Strangely enough, it works for "simulated" tours at home.
So load a route and let it run for a few minutes, then the II appears at the bottom right of the display after pressing the button at the bottom right.
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