K2 usable without using Hammerhead ecosystem?

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K2 usable without using Hammerhead ecosystem?

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Hi all,

I had a Karoo 1 a couple of years ago, then switched to a Sigma Rox 12.0.
One thing I like about the Rox 12.0 is that I can make full use of the device without having to use any of Sigma's cloud services. No need to use an app, a dashboard or cloudsync.
Is this also possible with a Karoo 2?
  • Can I use a (sideloaded) file manager or dropbox app to sync rides (FIT-files) and routes (GPX)?
  • Can I use a (sideloaded) email app to email FIT and GPX files to myself?
  • Can the K2 sync to sites like Trainingpeaks directly, not via the Dashboard?
  • Can I stop the K2 from syncing my rides to the Dashboard?

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Re: K2 usable without using Hammerhead ecosystem?

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It's been a while, but I think the answer should be yes to all of those. If you disconnect your Strava and TP accounts, there would be nothing to "sync" even if the file does get uploaded to the HH dashboard. Pretty sure you won't be able to do anything with "Routes" or "Course" (or whatever they're called) without the HH dashboard. Maybe you can upload GPX files directly.

Sorry... I"m pretty rusty...
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