How is the new mount workin?

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How is the new mount workin?

Post by bikebikebike »

Gimme another Garmin, Barman.
And then he fell off of his stool.
I'll put the tether on me nethers,
So when it breaks, I'll feel the pull.
Oh I feel a little fragile, an I canna take the bounce,
After the road gave way beneath me,
When I tried to save an ounce.

It's a slippery little bugger
and goes flying in the air,
Like it was some avionic,
that forgot no plane was there.
It's that lack of holding power that comes from the quarter twist
And has left me there, just standing, feeling more than little pissed.
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Re: How is the new mount workin?

Post by defride »

Not so great.

Picked up a Karoo 2 end of the summer. Couple of small glitches in the first 1000 odd miles but pretty happy with it overall.

Then the 1/4 mount I'd been using failed, broken tab at 30 mph + across small bumps on a descent. Cracked case but otherwise okay. Hammerhead were great and replaced broken parts without fuss. They suggested they'd fixed initial issues with the 1/4 mounts and a replacement should be okay. It was quickly shipped with a replacement surround. Great service.

A handful of rides and the replacement failed. Barfly is a Sram, felt the most secure of the Garmin and Scott alternatives I have to hand, all allow a little play, the guys I ride with who have HH's also have a little play in their 1/4 mount adaptors.

Okay, seems like a fundamental flaw, the roads around here are rough though 25mm slicks get by.

Switched to the HH barfly, pretty firm fit, takes a bit of force to remove it, not excessively so. 8 rides and about 700km and the barfly breaks at the pivot when removing it after a ride. The plastic ring that surrounds the metal pin disintegrated.

Again HH have been helpful

Disappointing, no one else still seeing these sort of issues?
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Re: How is the new mount workin?

Post by nordog »

Even with my fall on black ice two weeks ago my K11 was OK, bent the peddle shaft and twisted the bars plus taking the air out of my lungs with plenty of bruising, see here:

The photo was taken last Wednesday well after the slip-up!
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