Adding Sensors

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Adding Sensors

Post by StatCap »

I was told the Karoo 2 does not have the ability to add a sensor that is not on their list?

I always thought of the Karoo series of products as an open platform with the ability to program new features and add sensors using by adding the API.
For me, that is what made them stand out between Garmin and Wahoo. Is this not true?
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Re: Adding Sensors

Post by dthempel »

If the sensor you're trying to add has BT/LE or ANT+, the Karoo should see it? What sensor are we talking about. Has someone at HH told you the sensor in question isn't and won't be supported?
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Re: Adding Sensors

Post by dmyers007 »

The sensors are based on open standards many if not all are listed here

For example to add a speed sensor HH doesn't need to add each individual brand it only needs to add the standard.

That is why each speed sensor manufacture listed if they are ANT+ compatible and/or BTLE compatible.

I believe BTLE uses the same protocol but transmits over BT.

This is also why you should only buy devices that follow those standards and stay away from anyone that doesn't
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