Boot animation - any success?

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Boot animation - any success?

Post by itsacarr »

Any success in modifying the boot animation?

I know it requires rooting which it sounds like has gotten significantly difficult in recent updates - am I correct?

I assume this is due to not being able to mess with bootloader ...
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Re: Boot animation - any success?

Post by Psyclist »

:D Maybe it's just me but I still expect that peacocking arrow to finally penetrate the big Ohh every time I see it - in any case Mr. Freud would have had a field day with that animation. The previous one was way cooler.
So yes, I feel you, but yes, it needs rooting, and as far as I know nobody has found a way to do that on any firmware from about the last year and a half.
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Re: Boot animation -

Post by bikebikebike »

I miss the old boot animation.
If I gotta look at the thing booting , I should at least be amused.
4 sec faster doesn't make my day any better
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