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Post by RossA »

Hi All - I’m Andrew from Cheshire in the UK. I’m more of a mountain biker but do a little road cycling with friends. I recently signed up for the Velo South so will need to get some more road cycling in this year.

Currently using a Mio 505 as my computer while I continue to wait for my HH. I was late to the game (I knew about it and followed it carefully - just wasn’t prepared to commit) and didn’t order until January! Still it’s promised for Spring!

Despite all the problems there’s been so far (from what I’ve read) I’m buying into the development of the Karoo and hope the future’s bright!

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Re: Hello

Post by Steve »

Good to have you here, Andrew. Even though you haven't got your Karoo yet, please feel free to ask questions about how things work if you like. By the time that you've got yours, then there should be more bug fixes and added features than we have at the moment. But even with the current status, you'll see that some of us are using our Karoos, albeit usually with another device as backup.

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Re: Hello

Post by nordog »

Hello Ross, going by my Karoo you should it very ease to get into use of this unit, mine have near perfect at my age I need to have things simple for me to under stand.
I ride MTB bike too, I was in Derbyshire last July with Cotic bikes, I now have my Rocket Max then a local rider was selling his Soul and bought that, plus my fatty, that was given to me. plus I have my three road bikes.

Have rides do travel.

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