WARNING - This forum is dangerous! No, really, please read this.

Third-party apps, customisation, mods, development, custom kernels & ROMs

WARNING - Here be dragons!
If you don't entirely understand what you're doing, even following someone else's guide could end up with you bricking your Karoo, or leaving it in an unsupported state with no way to go back. By all means enter, read and learn, but undertake actions on your Karoo at your own risk!
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Undertake any procedures at your own risk and make sure you know how to reverse any changes. You could brick your Karoo or at the very least put it into an unsupported configuration.
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WARNING - This forum is dangerous! No, really, please read this.

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By all means please come in and read this forum. But be very, very careful about following any suggested procedures herein.

Even if you follow someone else's guide, you could easily brick your Karoo (make it into a paperweight) if you don't fully understand what you are doing. Some guides may well assume expert knowledge of Android system-level updates and development, and miss out important steps that experts will already know about, but which may cause the inexperienced major problems (e.g. bricking). Even an expert may hit problems too, such is the early nature of carrying out such mods on Karoo.

Procedures suggested in this forum might well mean your Karoo becomes unsupported and/or unstable. Make sure you know how to reverse any procedures carried out before you undertake anything, and that you understand the full implications.

Anyone following any suggested actions in this forum does so at their own risk.