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Hi all,

I'm Mike. I'm a self employed IT Consultant and keen photographer from NE England, currently based in Berwick upon Tweed. I generally cycle on the road although I'm prone to the occasional foray off road on my cross bike. Mind you, with the condition of a lot of the roads round here, it's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between on and off road :o .

I got my Karoo a couple of weeks ago and have so far done 4 rides of between 30 and 50 miles. Generally I'm pretty pleased with how the Karoo is shaping up and looking forward to watching it evolve. I've posted a more detailed write up on my blog of my opinions so far here - https://www.mdp.me/blog/hammerhead-karoo/post/ if anyone is interested.

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Re: Hello

Post by Steve »

Nice write-up on your blog, Mike. And welcome to karoousers.org.
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Re: Hello

Post by jeffjsmith33 »

Excellent and fair write-up about the Karoo. And a nice web site too!
Best regards, Jeff
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Re: Hello

Post by nnovod »

Hi Mike,

Nice Karoo writeup and nice photos on your site.

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Re: Hello

Post by nordog »

Hi Mike, I did enjoy reading evaluation of the HammerHead Karoo, like you I had mine end of Feb. As for the beeping I never had any other GPS device other than my two phones with music or calls coming through on my headphones, any way at my age I would not hear any beeping even if there is no wind noise,passing my ears. So I'm sticking to my headphones with plenty of 1960's music and the occasional calls from the phone. Nice lot of snow you had, much more we did and we had enough to stop most car drivers.
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