Doug H (dthempel) -- SE Massachusetts (US)

Find other Karoo users in your area to meet up and ride with, or just to chat about Karoo with.
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Doug H (dthempel) -- SE Massachusetts (US)

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Hi folks,

I guess Steve and I thought this might be a nice way for people to find others in their area with the Karoo and possibly connect for a ride? Or... if you've found this forum some other way and just want to find riders in your area... great! Not sure what the format or form of these posts should take, but maybe introduce yourself with as much (or as little) detail as you're comfortable with and go from there.

For my part, I'm a fairly new cyclist (7 or so years seriously again) but have become very active in my local community, both as a member and then board member of my local club and also sticking my nose into advocacy in the area trying to incrementally get improvements to cycling infrastructure and awareness. If you're currently in or have a vacation planned at some point for Southeastern Massachusetts (specifically Cape Cod), reach out.

Steve and I started talking on Facebook and both felt a dedicated, "modern" forum might be welcome. phpBB (and others like it) have many advantages over what HH are using such as "sticky" posts, announcements and the simple fact that popular topics will bubble up to the top of each sub-forum to indicate interest levels and active discussions. It's also much easier to search and moderate. Facebook has other disadvantages and is sometimes blocked by work or other networks.

Steve took the lead on this and I offered to help out a bit. We don't know if HH will approve or even view these forums, so anything of official concern should be posted there. This is more about users helping users.

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Re: Doug H (dthempel) -- SE Massachusetts (US)

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A great idea dthempel, I hope it rides on for many a year. :D
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