Jeff Smith - Reading UK (sometimes)

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Jeff Smith - Reading UK (sometimes)

Post by jeffjsmith33 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:49 am

I am retired and seem always to be on the road in one way or another.

My partner (Ally) and I really enjoy cycling - long rides (e.g. the UK to Spain) or short ones to the supermarket to do the shopping or ones to keep us a bit fitter around home in the UK.

We have a campervan and always take bikes, so get the opportunity to cycle in other places, France, Spain, Holland and Germany... And to the supermarket when on out travels.

I have had Garmin GPS devices from an Edge 305, then an Edge 800, and now an Edge 820. For me they are great to have and essential when we are out on our travels. The Edge 820 is far from ideal - the screen is obviously small and the routing is so bizarre sometimes that it is hopeless. But I wouldn't be without a GPS when riding - I think it adds to the fun to have a look at where we went, how fast, how high, how far ... And navigating in unfamiliar territory is so much better and more reliable with a decent route to refer to on the screen.

I ordered in late November 2017 and so I am hoping that the Karoo will come in April - fingers are crossed. I am really looking forward to the screen and routing capabilities and really appreciate all the good work that people in this forum and in HH are doing to make Karoo a success.

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Re: Jeff Smith - Reading UK (sometimes)

Post by Steve » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:38 pm

Welcome, Jeff. Wow, it certainly sounds like you have some great adventures! Nice pic, too.

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