Steve H - Camberley, Surrey, UK

Find other Karoo users in your area to meet up and ride with, or just to chat about Karoo with.
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Steve H - Camberley, Surrey, UK

Post by Steve »

I'm Steve, and I helped Doug to bring these forums to life. Our aim is to make this a friendly place for Karoo users to hang out, learn and help each other.

I ride a road bike in and around the borders of Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire in the south of the United Kingdom. I help to run a local bike club and I run a couple of social rides each week for the club. So having a good route guide on my bike computer is important to me, because we like to vary the routes a lot. Up till now I've been using a Garmin 520, but I'm now running my Karoo alongside and hope that it can take over navigation duties properly soon.

I'd be happy to meet up with anyone else in the vicinity here, or if anyone is coming down this way for work/holiday/whatever then let me know if you'd like to meet up for a ride.
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Re: Steve H - Camberley, Surrey, UK

Post by dthempel »

Steve's giving me *way* too much credit. He did most of the heavy lifting getting this up and running. I just offered to help and moderate and provide a little US coverage when Steve's asleep. This is also my way of saying he's really to blame... :)

It's on my bucket list to get to both the UK and "the continent" to ride my bike. Would love to ride around the Netherlands and Belgium seeing these iconic "bergs" and 'cross courses. Hopefully this forum stays reasonably popular and we could meet up with a bunch of Karoo users some day...
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Re: Steve H - Camberley, Surrey, UK

Post by nordog »

Thanks to both of you for try so hard to get me sorted in learning this amazing new device, if it all works fine over the next few months as I'm sure it will.
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