Adding POIs in a GPX file

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Adding POIs in a GPX file

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I own a Karoo 2 since a few days, so I'm new to the forum...

I'm starting to think that I bought the K2 with more expectations than I should... I'd like to use a GPX with rest-places, hotels, etc. for a long route I'm planing to do on the forthcoming days but none of the "official alternatives" provided by HH solves my problem:
- option a), including those POIs one by one, throughout the Dashboard is not realistic.
- option b), suggesting the usage of RidingWithGPS to import those POIs, simply, makes me laugh. HH is telling me that I should buy Premium features on another company... really?

Do you have any suggestion on how to import those POIs to K2? As far as they can be imported from RidingWithGPS or manually created, it shouldn't be so problematic for a serious GPS company to provide a solution for a feature that for my very-old-non-bike-specific Garmin eTrex20 is a matter of drag and drop.

Thank you in advance and regards.
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