Sharing Routes plus POIs to Garmin users

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Sharing Routes plus POIs to Garmin users

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On my Hammerhead dashboard, I can annotate routes with Points Of Interest (POIs).
These show up nicely on the Karoo 2 when it auto-syncs to my dashboard, and are invaluable for dynamic navigation decisions during a ride.

From the dashboard, I can export a GPX file, and WhatsApp it to my unfortunate buddies who suffer the indignity of Garmins or other such devices. But the GPX file omits those useful POIs.

Now, I can share a URL to the route on my dashboard; my buddies can access this provided they create a (free) Hammerhead account.
But, I guess that they cannot sync from the dashboard to their Garmins.

So how can I share that useful set of POIs with users of non-Hammerhead devices?
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