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Strava / indoor/outdoor

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Need help figuring out why a kickr ride was sent to strava as an outdoor ride with none of the real information that that entails.

I selected indoor+power from the presets, did my ride, saved, and checked strava. The data strava shows has nothing to do with the data Karoo 2 shows. I’ve included screenshots below of strava and of the Karoo 2 data from the head unit.

On my wahoo a kickr ride always registers as indoor because it’s a kickr. If I use rollers indoors but don’t change the location from outdoor (default) to indoor, the disjunction between the head unit and strava is the same as it is in this instance with the Karoo 2.

Can anyone help? I don’t imagine there is but can I re-designate the saved ride on the head unit to reupload correctly to strava?

Ideally I’d be able to make sure indoor rides are registered As indoors.
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