What programs /sites offer Structured Workouts for import to Karoo?

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What programs /sites offer Structured Workouts for import to Karoo?

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I am looking for a guide to using the Structured Workouts is this just something available through
Trainer road with subscription only? or just base level? I have not been able to locate an answer to this.
This premium sub is $20 a month and does not inspire curiosity at this point just to see if it does what I need.

Is there a guide to what is contained in the formats the Karoo accepts and how it is done?
The video HH offers is just the 38 second POS with the Psycho shower scene sound track.
The page from Medium , loaded with ads
and this from Bikesplit
https://bestbikesplit.zendesk.com/hc/en ... Downloads-

Which do not relate to the Karoo directly.

My impression s that this is a TrainerRoad feature that the Karoo is importing and all of this goes through TR,
and the more I read about it and coaching , it appears totally unsuitable for simple fitness training of the older rider.
Fine. I'll make one. Anyway I learned something about exercise physiology
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