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Known Issues

Post by Steve » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:30 pm

Please bear in mind that not all of these issues will be experienced by all users, so the list may look more "scary" than the reality and there are plenty of things that work fine and so aren't listed here.

There are some links below to relevant posts on the official HH forums, particularly where HH have responded on the issue.

NOTE - this list is pretty out of date now, sorry. At some point I'll see if I can get around to updating it. Though known issues on Karoo are an ever-changing feast!

Outstanding Issues
- Grade field inaccurate and often shows zero - Known to HH. Improved in 1.5.
- Ride data is lost on a crash/reset -- Known to HH. Fixed in 1.5.
- Navigation icon too big and in centre of screen rather than towards the bottom - Known to HH. Unclear if still being worked on. Improvement in
- Random reboots -- Known to HH also see the HH blog, only affecting some users though.
- Average cadence figures seem too low, possibly including zeroes in the calculation - Known to HH. Fixed in 1.5.
- Ride app crashing - Known to HH
- Compass icon on map screen flickering/disappearing - Known to HH
- Data fields seeming to freeze during a ride - Known to HH, workaround available
- Roundabout icons and some turn directions incorrect for countries that ride on the left -- Known to HH. Supposedly improved in 1.5.
- Dropped cellular connection causes PIN to be asked for --- Known to HH
- Rider profile height keeps resetting (5'5" for most people). -- Known to HH
- Battery life not as good as expected -- Known to HH. They said in the livestream of 15 March 2018 that they have several battery optimisation projects running.
- Routes not syncing to Karoo - Known to HH. Workaround is to logout on Karoo and log back in.
- Distance to next turn in navigation area (red bar on map) jumps around/inaccurate -- Status/Response unknown
- Contrast on map screen is poor, making it hard to see the various turnings -- Known to HH. They said in the livestream of 15 March 2018 that this will be improved
- "Waiting for instruction" message and lack of turn directions -- Suggested workaround to edit on Dashboard after importing from another site, before using on Karoo
- Track missing from ride when uploaded to Strava (unclear if this is simply down to GPS being accidentally switched off)
- Inability to download system updates (very slow or hangs), seemingly fixed by going into airplane mode and turning on wifi - HH commented in the livestream of 15 March 2018 that they haven't seen this, and they don't understand it
- Route downloads (for offline use) and offline map areas hang and seem to never complete - unclear if this is the same issue as system update problem above. Seems to be helped by logging out and back into Karoo, poasibly along with reboots - Known to HH
- In Settings -> Hammerhead account, Karoo shows "Unknown User" and "NA" for the email address, while still showing "Account Verified" - Status/Response unknown, although user name can be edited as of
- Turn-by-turn directions only appearing right at the start of a ride on data pages (as opposed to the map page), and then not showing up for the rest of the ride. Supposedly improved in 1.5.
- Adaptive brightness settings doesn't work well, can hog the battery, and can cause the screen to flicker - Known to HH
- Unpairing all BT sensors in-ride can cause the Sensors app to crash - Known to HH. Unclear if fixed in later releases?
- Turning off navigation cues doesn't "stick" across a reboot
- After a factory reset, the data pages restored from the user's HH account are not the latest one - Known to HH, being worked on
- TBT getting stuck on "Waiting for instruction" or "Waiting for GPS. Very common problem in Status/response unknown