Sensors Momentarily Drop

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Sensors Momentarily Drop

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I remember reading about this issue in the past, but wondering if anyone else is still experiencing this. I have Garmin Speed & Cadence sensors, and a wahoo tickr HR monitor. I've noticed on a lot of my trainer rides lately, the data fields for each of these will independently drop to 0 or ellipses momentarily, and then come back. I've tried repairing all of them, and experience the issue on both ANT+ and bluetooth. Any ideas?
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Re: Sensors Momentarily Drop

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A BT and ANT+ debugger is sorely needed.
They can be problematic indepenent of the HH
My ANT+ drop and are lost before rides erratically
New banner helps that, at loss of green band affirming THE THING IS ON AND RIDE STARTED

reduced low contrast icons are not good if your eyes are not 20/20
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