Foot bracket screw damaged

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Foot bracket screw damaged

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hi *,
I received my Karoo last week. I wanted to install the lanyard first as a fall protection (mountainbiker), but as I tried to loosen the bracket screw with the provided allen key, the key and screw were damaged. I retried with a high quality allen key, but too late....
I contacted Hammerhead, and ALL folk I came in contact with were very helpful, and made suggestions to try and loosen the screw, rather than directly proposing to return the unit.
In the end, the working solution was to cut a slit in the screw head using a Dremel tool with a cutting disc. Worked as a charm. Hammerhead will kindly replace the damaged part.
I just wanted to share this experience, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, and the support I got from H.

just a small note: If you have a good quality 2mm allen key, disregard the one provided :-)
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Re: Foot bracket screw damaged

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Not unheard of issue.
encourages innovation, though thy have been good about it.
Also REPLACE THE LOCKTITE after repair/adding lanyard
loose foot that turns freely is an, um , challenge to remove.

EDIT 9/24/20
Mine failed and left the mount and tether in the Barfly
Went sailing off into the road :(
needs a better tether attachment at the least
check out the mount test rig video
It even gets its own name, The Type#2 Failure
#1 is the wings
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