Does Karoo use remote server to create FIT files?

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Does Karoo use remote server to create FIT files?

Post by IllBeBack » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:02 am

The Dashboard is down, again. But I finally got Android File Transfer to work on my Mac, I was going to copy over lastnight's and today's rides to my computer, but the latest FIT files I can find on the Karoo are from the last time I connected to the Dashboard yesterday afternoon, nothing is showing up from last night, or from today. Does the Karoo not create FIT files on its own locally?

The rides are showing up on the Karoo's activity screen, but not in the FIT files folder, unless the modified date was mangled–but the modified dates seem to reflect the end time of my rides.

What's going on, where are my last 4 activities?

EDIT: Dashboard is back up, but AFT has stopped working :( so I can't test it. I'll be rather peeved if an internet connection is required for the Karoo to produce FIT files.

If anyone is able, let's try to take the Karoo offline, record a ride, and see if it shows up in the FitFiles folder. If not, take the Karoo online, let it sync, and try it again.

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Re: Does Karoo use remote server to create FIT files?

Post by Steve » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:41 am

I haven't tried it recently, so it might have changed. But it used to be that after an activity the fit file didn't show up until you rebooted the Karoo (yes, I know it sounds strange).

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