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Re: Karoo SIM trial offer

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My phone is AT&T... again, marginal, so no surprise the data don't click near home. I hear Verizon is the best bet in this area.

Again, wish it weren't so, but it's not like I'm losing anything. Just hoped I'd be able to offer Mokanix a little more activity/feedback for letting me participate in the beta. Will be in MA and NY during most of July, so will see how that works out.


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Re: Karoo SIM trial offer

Post by KGO_Trivium »

Hello all,

I am using the Karoo for around 12-14 months.
Like it very much. Ordered it just out of curiosity, but it became my number 1 choice as a head unit.
Using it without a SIM card until now, but I want to start now, so I don´t have to wait to get home and use my WiFi for uploading the ride.

I don´t know how much data I will need in a month.
Want to use a prepaid card with 500MB (smallest data package) data capacity per month (high speed internet).
So, does anyone know what the SIM card is used for during a ride?
Is it simply for uploading after you have finished a ride??
You guys think 500MB could be enough?

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

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Re: Karoo SIM trial offer

Post by dthempel »

Probably not the thread for the question and I don't think anyone can answer without knowing how you plan to use the Karoo when away from WiFi. If you have sideloaded any apps, those may use data, too. Uploads to the cloud are what I typically use the mobile data for out of convenience. I could wait to get home and connect to WiFi, it's just easier with the SIM. If you do any mid-ride route creation, that would use the SIM's data.Other than that, I'm not sure, but every use case is different...

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Re: Karoo SIM trial offer

Post by Erwin M »

I use a card of Mokanix and yesterday i did asked them about my data usage.
I only use it for sync with the Dashboard and upload to Strava. I dont have app's sideloaded.

The data usage was between 3 and 5 MB a day. (the days i use the Karoo)
My cellular data is always on.
Except when downloading new firmware. Then it's on wifi.

So you have some indication about the data usage on normal use.
We must see how how much more data wil be used when Hammerhead add's Live Segment and Livetracking.

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Re: Karoo SIM trial offer

Post by stuartmitch »

Hi everyone,

Just to update you all on the Karoo SIM trial offer. Here at mokanix we have now shipped out nearly 200 SIMs and since we are covering all data costs, that's enough of an investment on our side to gather the data we need. We are not currently offering free SIMs to any new users (not even those fortunate Black Friday dealsters... sorry guys!). mokanix SIMs are available from our online store (https://mokanix.io/shop) if you want multi-network connectivity at a competitive price for such a product but most people will find local SIMs are cheaper if that's your main driver.

Thanks to all those who are currently participating.

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