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ATG Release 1.39.590.3

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:29 pm
by dthempel
A new software release is now available to install on your Karoo. This update adds a touchscreen lock, which disables touch input - press the lower-left and top-right hardware buttons to enter or exit lock mode. Menus and screens can be navigated using the hardware buttons as normal while the touchscreen is locked.

What's new in release 1.39.590.3

New features and improvements:

The user-orderable sensor list, which sets the priority for sensors, now shows which sensors are active and feeding the display and underlying ride recording (fit file). This is shown by the icon for each sensor profile turning green for the active sensor
The surrounding frame for the sensor list was reduced to leave more room to show the list of sensors in the sensors app
The touch screen can now be locked by the user, allowing only button inputs
This is enabled and disabled by simultaneously pressing the bottom left and top right buttons
It can also be enabled or disabled using the in-ride menu
All data fields have been revisited to display a more appropriate number of decimal places of accuracy for the data they display
When creating a new page set, the plot page now includes the predictive elevation graph rather than the historic elevation graph

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing some data fields to intermittently display an incorrect “. . .” reading
Fixed an issue causing an incorrect start location when creating a route mid-ride
Corrected an issue where the TbT Banner was shown in red on data screens when starting a ride and not yet on the route. The banner is now correctly shown in blue in this case
A variety of improvements were made to address routes being reported as complete (destination reached) as a ride was beginning
Improvements were made to the battery charge graphic shown when Karoo is turned off, plugged in, and the battery has reached full charge. Previously the graphic was confusing and appeared to show the battery was fully drained. Further improvements will be made to this graphic in the future
Fixed a bug where routing information was not being updated for older routes and could result in an empty red turn banner rather than turn-by-turn instructions

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

Related to elevation
Further improvements are needed with the current grade and vertical speed fields
We are working on improving the elevation calibration mechanism

Re: ATG Release 1.39.590.3

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:08 pm
by gregm
Oh! Touchscreen lock will be great for screen stability in sloppy wet rain. Hooray!

Re: ATG Release 1.39.590.3

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:35 pm
by dthempel
My two rides this weekend were largely (completely?) successful. I don't recall any issues other than what I think was a slightly off-kilter conversion of a ridden ride to a route causing some odd re-routing a couple of times. I just ignored it as the red line and the overall TbT and elevation profiles were good. The disparity between the Karoo knowing the route's current elevation and the actual baromentric altimeter reading being so far off is still silly, but I guess I can chalk that up to "user error" (?) since I constantly forget to give it a manual update. Yesterday, I was 700 feet below sea level for a while due to the drift while the elevation look-ahead screen showed what felt like an accurate reading.

Didn't try the screen lock (mostly because I forgot about it and it wasn't raining) and was cold enough that I wasn't sweating enough to drip on the screen. :)

Assuming nothing is broken when I travel over to the ATG forum shortly, I would guess this is likely to be pushed to the community at large this week. (I guess I should head there first before making bold predictions.)