Can't add ANT+ sensors

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Re: Can't add ANT+ sensors

Post by Steve »

bigfloor wrote: Thu May 09, 2019 3:10 pm Did that, and then ........ complete silence after requesting screenshots (which I gave them)
That's pretty unusual. Silence for a while (e.g. several days)? I wonder if the email with your screenshots went astray and they are still waiting to see them? I would reply to one of the emails on that ticket because that should show up on their ticketing system and they can get back in touch with you.
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Re: Can't add ANT+ sensors

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Hi, is there an easy way to resolve this issue?
I've tried the hard reset route, but will still only let sensor connections by BT, not ANT+.
I have raised a ticket with HH, waiting for an answer.
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