Pre-release v345

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Pre-release v345

Post by dthempel » Thu Oct 18, 2018 4:54 pm

This release adds a battery life status indicator for your ANT+ power meters. Please let us know which of your ANT+ power meters successfully display battery sensors in the Sensors App, and which ones don't. We're aiming to gather this data into a comprehensive list that will allow us to improve Karoo's power meter compatibility.

What's new in release 1.5.345.3

New features and improvements:
Entering the in-ride menu to change settings or routes no longer automatically pauses the ride. A user can manually pause by selecting the first option in this menu.
The in-ride menu can now be operated entirely using Karoo’s physical buttons, in anticipation of colder weather and riders wearing full-finger gloves. The physical buttons on the left side of Karoo move through the options, and the top-right button selects the desired action.
The auto-pause switch in the Quick Settings Menu now works as a global control affecting the last selected page profile set. This setting can now be changed whether in-ride or not in-ride.
Sensor battery status is now displayed in the sensor details page and as a graphical indication on the sensor list view in the sensors app. As of this release, only power meter battery status is shown.
A Lap Count data field has been added. (There is a known issue where the count will not increment if a lap is set while a ride is paused. The count does increment in this case after the ride is resumed.)
An Estimated Time of Arrival data field has been added. (Known bug: if you remove the route, this field currently freezes and does not update until a new route is added.)
Added the option to pair Bluetooth headphones and speakers. You can adjust the volume and hear an audio cue that confirms the desired device has been paired and indicates the current volume level. This is primarily a future-looking feature as Karoo has limited audio options at this time.
Further refined the rising/falling indicators on the Average-type data fields. Additionally, when set to a full-page, Average-type data fields have a color-coded "comet tail" that moves ahead of or behind the rider to indicate whether the average is rising or falling.

Bug Fixes:
Sensor and Fit file improvements - We have fixed several bugs related to sensor management. Some of these were introduced in the most recent ATG-only release and fixed in response to ATG feedback.
A issue was resolved where all sensor data fields could freeze mid-ride. This was related to the new ANT stack.
Resolved an issue where speed could be recorded in the Fit file but not shown on the UI.
Fixed an issue where speed data drops to 0 in the FIT file frequently throughout the ride.
Speed no longer switches between GPS speed and speed cadence sensor.
Fixed an issue where the downloading maps and routes could be interrupted if the screen was turned off.
Refinements were made to the new circular Heart Rate and Power Zone fields, including fixing an issue in which the data displayed erratically after 30+ minutes.
Fixed a bug affecting elevation calibration.

Features in Progress:
We’re continuing to work on restructuring the essence of Karoo. The first step down this path was making it possible to start the ride app without initially starting a ride recording. The next step will be introducing changes to preserve battery life both during a ride and when Karoo is completely idle (like sitting on your desk). These changes will take several releases to realize. For now, we suggest manually powering off Karoo when not in use.
ANT+ additions including power meter calibration and battery status for non-power meter devices are underway.
Investigation is formally underway for off-line support for maps and routes. We can’t promise when this will be available but energy is now going to this effort.

Dashboard Update V1.0.012:
Fixed a bug where the Dashboard could not import routes from any FIT files
Fixed a bug where GPX import failed for activity files with many coincident points
When a route is edited in Route Builder, Dashboard now shows a gray line where the route was at the start of the editing session. This was a popular V0.9 feature that has now been added to V1.
Improvements to elevation management including ensuring that the route card in the main routes list now shows elevation-gain immediately after a route import.
Dashboard now redirects to the homepage (instead of a blank page) if the user goes to a previously bookmarked V0.9 URL that no longer exists in V1.
Fixed a bug with the drag behavior of the waypoint-editing monocle in Route Builder.
Fixed a bug where Route Builder could crash on iOS Safari.
Improved error handling of Komoot imports.
Fixed an issue where V0.9 Dashboard shared route links were not working with the V1 Dashboard
Fixed an issue with a rare problem saving TrainingPeaks credentials.

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Re: Pre-release v345

Post by RossA » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:43 pm

Looks a good release and finally seems they are listening to the ATG group!

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Re: Pre-release v345

Post by Steve » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:52 pm

I wonder how often the speed has been switching between the speed sensor and GPS?

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Re: Pre-release v345

Post by dthempel » Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:19 pm

I posted this to the ATG forum on the HH site:

Haven't been able to ride yet, either, but a few notes:

- Not sure about the change to the in-ride pause behavior. I feel like the Karoo is complicated enough and it's tough enough to hit the right things on the touchscreen that you wouldn't want to do too much fiddling while moving. To each his own.
- Button nav seems to work, although is it my imagination or is "Resume" missing? I guess because it doesn't pause there's nothing to resume, but it wasn't clear to me how to get "back" to the ride screen if you hit by mistake or decided not to make a change?
- Change in auto-pause to a global thing is fine, I guess, but I'd rather have a return of the "Location" button to the quick settings.
- Battery "status" is not reporting for my Stages left crank meter, but I am getting voltage and last change date, which is pretty interesting. Is that just when the door was opened? Guess it can't know if you put a new one in, only that you disconnected the battery? I'll attach an image.
(- As an aside to this, the little icons are helpful if only to confirm the type of sensor. Next improvement would be to add those icons to data fields where appropriate so that we knew -- for example -- if speed was coming from GPS or a wheel/other sensor.)
- Won't likely use or test the lap counter until you add an "Auto Lap" function.
- Haven't tried the ETA field.
- Have BT headphone, but to what end currently? Unless you've sideloaded apps to Karoo, there's no way to get sound out, especially now with the "Videos" app removed.
- I've added a full page "Average Speed" data field. Seems a bit silly and can't imagine taking up a whole screen with that, but I'll test and report back.In general, it feels like those fields should be snappier. If I'm averaging 15, but currently travelling 17, my average should be going up (if slowly) and the dot/indicator should be green. The "polling" seems quite delayed sometimes on this display.
- My elevation auto-calibration looks better this morning. I don't have to set to manual and back to auto to get it to "fix" itself?
- The power meter "calibration" should really be referred to as a zero-offset. Calibration is a misnomer.
- Looking forward to testing the circular zone fields to see if the visual lag issue has been fixed.
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Re: Pre-release v345

Post by nnovod » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:45 pm

"Investigation is formally underway for off-line support for maps and routes. We can’t promise when this will be available but energy is now going to this effort."
That's great news!

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