Popular Karoo Feature Requests

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Popular Karoo Feature Requests

Post by Steve » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:55 pm

The Hammerhead forums and the Feedback Portal in the Karoo Dashboard are the best ways to suggest new features for Karoo to Hammerhead.

However, such is the volume of feature requests and discussions that it can be hard to keep track of what feature requests are the most popular, and those which HH have already acknowledged as a good idea so don't need re-suggesting to them. So this post is an attempt to collate the most popular requests.

Please note that this list doesn't include anything that is already on the official roadmap for Karoo on HH's site at https://www.hammerhead.io/pages/karoo-s ... change-log

Remember that you can still go to the HH forums and add your "vote" to any of the existing requests there, to help try to prioritise it.

Feature requests acknowledged by HH

Navigation/Maps/Route Planning Data fields/pages Other
Popular feature requests not yet acknowledged by HH

Navigation/Maps/Route Planning
  • Off-road routes should be drawable freehand
  • Ability to load user-created maps or other 3rd party maps
  • Map should be browsable on Karoo without having to start a ride
  • Turn directions not to stay on the screen if the turn is some distance away
  • Units should be selectable for individual items, not a blanket imperial/metric for everything
  • Flash the screen to warn of upcoming turn
  • Auto zoom out when off course
  • Direction arrows on route, especially where the route crosses over another part of the route
  • Direct import of route via USB connection to computer
  • Circular route planning
  • Methods to sort route list on Karoo
  • Fit file to have details that Karoo was used and Strava to recognise this
  • Documentation
  • Connecting to public wifi and ability to fill in a login or other screen
  • Add multiple bike profiles
  • Cellular data toggle from pull-down menu/shade
  • Viewing activity details from Dashboard