Current Software Version - 1.115.742.3

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Current Software Version - 1.115.742.3

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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.115.742.3
Release Date February 13, 2020

Introductions and Enhancements:

Automatic activity upload to TrainingPeaks is now supported - Learn More

Map tiles are updated along with styling improvements

Improved support of MTB trails and other cycling-specific features

Improved visibility of cycling-specific features like cycleways and roads with bicycle lanes

Improved road visibility when zoomed out

Differentiation between paved and unpaved routes is presented

One-way arrows are provided when zoomed in

Additional area features (retail, commercial, residential, etc.) are presented

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a rare issue where routes could cause the navigation service to crash, resulting in an error popup and no turn-by-turn directions

Changing POI details on dashboard no longer moves them to the previous location

Fixed an issue where the state Georgia and the country Georgia offline map regions could download repeatedly to Karoo

Fixed an issue with the HR range data field that could cause the graphic to stick at the top of the range

Fixed an issue causing navigation service crashes on certain Ride With GPS

Known Bugs are being updated on our forum