Current Software Version - 1.264.1147

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Old Software Version - 1.251.1117

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.251.1117
Release Date 18 November, 2021


We’ve given Karoo a beautiful new Home Screen design, including a redesigned Apps List to make it easier to open the app you need.


Introducing Auto-Lap! Now you can set Karoo to mark laps at a specific time or distance interval, a perfect way to help you pace yourself and stay motivated throughout your ride. You can find it under the Device Settings.


We’ve done some cleanup on how you delete items on Karoo. We’ve replaced the slide-to-confirm mechanism with a confirmation pop-up when deleting a page of a profile, the Xert app from the App Store, or swiping to delete a ride from the Rides list or profile form the Profiles List.


We’ve added the Karoo’s current Battery Percentage to the out-of-ride status bar. This should make it faster and easier to know you’re ready to ride whenever you power on Karoo.

Bug Fixes:

- When connecting to wifi during Initial Setup, the keyboard will now automatically show when you choose a network. You’re also now able to see your password as you enter it if you need to.
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Old Software Version - 1.257.1131

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.257.1131
Release Date 16 December, 2021


We’ve made it simpler and easier than ever to take control of your Karoo 2.

- Swipe down from the top of the screen (or squeeze the upper hardware buttons together) to access the toggles and features you need most, from system and display settings to ride-specific actions (when in ride) such as routing back to where you started.
- Fully operable with either the touchscreen or the hardware buttons, you can use Control Center year-round.
- Take a quick tour of how to use Control Center when you update to this software version, or find it later under “Learn More” at the bottom of the Settings list on Karoo 2.


Keep your routes list organized by archiving any routes you don’t ride frequently. Archive or un-archive your routes on the Dashboard. Archived routes are still available on Karoo and can still be ridden.


From the in-ride Climb List, tap on any climb to expand it and see the full climb’s profile, grade coloring, and the elevation difference between the start and end of the climb. Tap again or open the preview of another climb to close the preview.


When Karoo detects climbs on your route, reroute, or route to pin, those climbs will now be shown on the map.

- Upcoming climbs are represented by a lighter shade of blue than the completed climbs.
- The start and end of the current or next climb are indicated by start and end flags.

Bug Fixes:

- We fixed a bug that prevented Karoo from recognizing when certain power meters (notably those made by Rotor) were coating. This would prevent Karoo from properly recording 0 power during coasting.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused the profile editor to kick you to the final page of a profile whenever you edited a profile page’s layout or a data field.
- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the lap summary preview from being shown automatically in Battery Save Mode when auto-lap marked a new lap while the screen was off (the screen would turn on, but the preview wouldn’t pop up).
- We’ve fixed two bugs that could cause failure when Karoos running software version 1.248.1114 or newer tried to upload a ride that was recorded on any previous software version.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused the Start Ride button not to work the first time you press it after signing into a Hammerhead Account or signing out of one on Karoo.
- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve improved the reliability of the parts of Karoo 2 responsible for ANT sensors and Phone Notifications. This will lead to more reliable connection to phones for notifications and sensor stability. We also fixed a bug that kept some Karoo 2s from updating their Radio Firmware. When these users take this new update, they’ll also receive the benefit of our past fixes for ANT sensor and Phone Notification reliability.
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Current Software Version - 1.264.1147

Post by Steve »

Karoo Software Build Version: 1.264.1147
Release Date 27 January 2022

[KAROO 2 ONLY] Introducing Device Controls

We’ve added a new page to the Control Center for managing and monitoring all of your wireless devices connected to Karoo 2. From here, you can zero offset your power meter, refresh connection to any disconnected devices, and open Sensors for further management. This page is only available while riding.

We’ve also added Smart Light control to Control Center. Available while riding, each connected Smart Light gets its own page in Control Center for you to change the light mode. You can tap directly on the name of the desired light mode, swipe the slider to the proper position, or use the hardware buttons to select the mode you need.

Radar taillights have the ability to Mute or Unmute radar audio alerts from their Light Control page. Standalone radar devices get their own page to mute/unmute.

We’ve also added Bluetooth Audio Volume Control to Control Center. Available while riding with a Bluetooth Audio device connected, you can control the output volume of your bluetooth audio alerts.

[KAROO 2 ONLY] Updated Radar Mute

We’ve changed the behavior of Radar Mute to only mute radar audio alerts. Now, the car lane will always be visible in-ride when a radar is connected and a car is detected approaching from behind.

- For Karoo 2, we’ve restricted this ability to toggle Radar Mute/Unmute to Control Center to prevent it from happening accidentally while riding.

[KAROO 2 ONLY] Updated Control Center

We’ve added a button to Control Center to Change Profiles mid-ride. This is available from the System Controls page, and will take you to the Home Screen without ending your ride so you can select a different profile.

[KAROO 2 ONLY] Improved Brightness Adjustment

We’ve improved the Control Center brightness slider to allow 20% increments when controlled with Hardware Buttons.

- We’ve also improved the behavior of the slider so that you can swipe between Control Center pages more easily.

[KAROO 2 ONLY] Automatic Power Off

We’ve reduced the time it takes for Karoo 2 to power off on its own when left unplugged and not recording a ride. Now, after 10 minutes of inactivity, Karoo 2 will display a 15-second countdown before shutting down on its own. This should help preserve battery between rides in case you forget to power off the Karoo 2 after a ride.

[KAROO 2 ONLY] Updated Power Menu Design

We’ve updated the design of the power menu on Karoo 2.

Introducing Workout File Import

Now you can follow your favorite workouts on Karoo, even if you’re not a TrainingPeaks user. Simply export your workout as a FIT file or ZWO file, and then import it on Dashboard. Workouts on Dashboard will then be synced to Karoo.

Introducing Ride Restore

Whether you’re on a multi-day adventure or just trying to save some battery during a long rest stop, you can now power off your Karoo mid-ride and continue that ride when you turn Karoo back on.

- Choosing to continue the ride will reopen the same profile you were using, add the same route and/or workout you were following, and even restore the list of climbs you’ve completed so far.
- For Karoo 2 users, phone notifications will also be restored.
- For more information, see the Knowledge Base article on Ride Restore.

Improved Sensor Search

We’ve improved the Karoo’s sensor searching behavior to make connecting to sensors more likely, especially after breaks in the middle of your rides. Now, Karoo will search for any disconnected sensors as soon as you start moving.

Updated CLIMBER Settings

We’ve updated the Settings page for CLIMBER on Karoo to make it more informative and easier to understand. We now include a direct link via QR Code to the Knowledge Base article for CLIMBER.

Improved Pre-Ride Status Bar

We’ve added Time of Day to the pre-ride Status Bar on Karoo.

Improved Sensor Battery Status

Instead of displaying voltages, you can now see your sensors’ battery statuses as either Full, High, Mid, Low, or Crit. Go to the sensor details for each sensor to see the battery level it had when your Karoo was last connected to it.

Updated Sensor List Icons

We’ve changed the sensor list icon from black to green for ANT+ Smart Lights that are connected. This should make it clearer that lights are connected properly.

Updated Routes Archive Design

We’ve made updates to the design of Routes Archive on both Karoo and Dashboard to make it clearer how to use Routes Archive.

Bug Fixes:

- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve fixed a bug in Control Center that caused certain functions to be “skipped” when using Hardware Buttons to select a function.
- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve fixed a bug that caused the screen brightness percentage shown in Control Center not to match the brightness percentage shown in Display Settings.
- [KAROO 2 ONLY] We’ve fixed a bug that allowed users to interact with Control Center pages that weren’t centered on the screen. For example, this meant you could swipe the screen brightness up and down while you were on the System Controls page.
- We’ve fixed an issue with SRM power meters that could cause an improper calibration value to be set automatically upon resuming your ride from a stop. This fix results in more reliable power recording with SRM power meters.
- We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to record an empty FIT file if a certain sensor crash occurred during the ride.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could prevent certain internet connections from syncing data properly. Note: If you still have connection issues, please reach out to with the details.
- We’ve fixed a bug that ignored your sorting preferences when you searched for routes on Karoo.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused Karoo to report improper (and very high) speed values if you began moving from a standstill with certain speed sensors.
- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the Ride Time in the Status Bar from aligning left properly if a paired radar is not found. The radar icon would disappear, leaving the Ride Time “floating” to the right.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused Karoo to turn off smart lights if they disconnected mid-ride.
- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented Karoo from properly powering off certain Radar devices upon Karoo being powered off.
- Notably, the Garmin Varia 510 Radar/Tail-Light does not support this feature, so this fix does not change how that specific product works with Karoo. This is specifically about fully powering down certain Radar devices automatically. Karoo still turns your Radar/Tail-Light to Off at the end of a ride.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused Karoo to exit the Post Ride Summary if you turn the screen off while viewing it.
- We’ve fixed a bug that could break the link from Dashboard to individual rides uploaded to TrainingPeaks.
- We’ve fixed an issue during the Karoo’s Setup experience that could cause it to show a blank list of Offline Map regions.
- We’ve updated the Karoo’s mapping and navigation data.
- We’ve improved the speed of our routing algorithm on Karoo by up to 10%.
- We’ve improved the speed with which Karoo can sort long lists of Rides and Routes.
- We’ve changed the description and behavior of the toggle for Key Button Icons in Settings. The state of the toggle (off vs on) now matches the state of key button icons in-ride.
- We’ve changed many of the informative popups on Karoo to be usable with the Hardware Buttons. These have been updated in the style of the new Karoo 2 power menu.
- We’ve made updates to the design of Routes Archive on both Karoo and Dashboard to make it clearer how to use Routes Archive.

Dashboard Software:

- We’ve fixed a bug that prevented importing more than 30 Starred Routes from Strava. You should no longer be limited by the number of Starred Routes you have.
- We’ve fixed a bug that caused the background video to constantly restart on page transitions during account creation.